BBC knew of link to failed 21/7 bombers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Well there you go all.......perhaps this is one of the reasons behind the recent Panorama smear attack on us in Iraq?


    :x :x
  2. Should this woman not be held under the terrorism act for with holding vital information about terrorists or terrorist groups?

    I refer back to one of my other imputs on ARRSE "SCUMBAG JURNOS"
  3. If I recall it was a documentary called "don't panic I'm islamic"

    oh the irony :lol:
  4. Heres more from dec 2007 in the daily heil

    Prosecuting barrister Duncan Penny asked her: 'Did you tell him to go to the police?'

    Ms Suleaman replied: 'I don't think I needed to.'

    Mr Penny said: 'Here was a man who told you that he knew those individuals who, as I understand it, were currently still at large for what on the face of it was the attempted bombings of the transport network a fortnight after it happened, and he was telling you he had some knowledge of them?

    Ms Suleaman said: 'I got the sense that he was already talking to the police.' She added: 'I referred it to my immediate boss at the BBC. I wasn't told that there was an obligation.

    'I obviously had to report back to my immediate manager at the BBC. In fact it was referred above her as well.

    'It was such a big story. At one stage the head of news at the BBC was involved. No one at any stage said there was an obligation.'

    The bit in bold says it all really.
  5. Call me old Mr suspicious here but Ms Suleaman wouldn't happen to be a follower of the religion of peace herself would she?

    Just when you think the BBC can stoop no lower.
  6. I would have slapped my kids when they were younger for an answer like that - because they were taught the difference between right and wrong. Fcuk me my p1ss is boiling already and its only 0854 locally and I have work to do. :evil:
  7. I think that explains it all very nicely cad, also explains that if this is the kind of woman who is making BBC documentaries, then thats why they made the documentary they did on monday.
  8. A BBC scumbag also acted as a defence witness. He was on C4 news last night and I have never heard such unadulterated sh*te in my life.

    These people have as much blood on their liberal hands as the terrorists.

    There can be no justification for the licence fee. It's like the UK giving Dr Goebels money during WW2.
  9. If you click the link and then click another link saying "an interview with the program maker" you can watch an interview with her apologising for muhammed sidque khan (7/7 bomber).

  10. What do you expect from the BBC?
  11. Should it arrise that I wonder across the lady in question whilst she is on fire, I will feel under no obligation to pi$$ on her to put the flames out!

    I may, however, rush to the nearest shop for some marsh mellows, a diet coke and a toasting fork!
  12. Nothing the beeb does these days surprises me one bit. wonder how long it will be before all the programs are in a foreign language with English sub titles for us minority. personaly i don't watch the crap channal as i have no ambition to be converted to islam or wish to hear our lads talked about as if they were dog shit. just my take on it but i am no fan of the beeb.
  13. I'll grab a six-pack of cold ones and meet you there...
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  15. its amazing that journo's put a story before there cuntry.

    please go iraq or afghanistan as a free lancer please please please!!