BBC Journo shot by NATO

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chrisg46, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    BBC News - Nato-led forces killed BBC reporter in Afghanistan

    I wasnt there, so cant comment on the rightness or wrongness of what happened. If RoE were followed, then it was just one of those things, i wouldnt want to second guess the guy who pulled the trigger.

    However, there seems to be a pattern with such incidents, pointing the finger away from any sugestion that we f'cked up.
    This particualr gent is one example
    The female hostage killed earlier this year when US SF threw a grenade. She was originally reported as having been killed by an insurgent.
    Even Bin Laden - initial reports were that he was shooting baack when killed. Then he hid behind a woman. Then he was unarmed.

    It seems that the initial response is the same as a 5 yr old - to firmly shake the head and say "wasnt me" while scuffing their feet on the floor, only grudgingly admit what happened later on.

    Surely this is counter-productive? If we took the time to investigate even slightly before makign a statement, this would increase NATO credibility and help hearts and minds. Changing the story just makes us look guilty.
  2. I opened that link, hoping beyond hope it was Orla Guerin who had punched her ticket.

    Gutted here.
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  3. Thank God it wasn't Anna Botting!!!!
  4. What is that accent she uses?
  5. Half Gaza, half Ardoyne.

    Is this a RIP thread?
  6. I believe its called "****ing Annoying", which translates incidentally to "Orla Guerin" in Gaelic.

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  7. Yes, but was it an accident?
  8. Well I don't know exactly what I would text if in his position but reading that I confess I thought "drama queen".
  9. Well technically I suppose it wasn't an accident as the soldier fired deliberately aimed shot(s) and hit his intended target. IMHO it was a mistake but not by definition an accident.
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  10. Orla Guerin is raving mad. The BBC should take her out of 'front line' duty because:

    a: she's mad


    b: she's biased.

    As for the darkie who was shot by mistake - it's the BBC tradition. Get a stringer or a driver to take the round, while the 'elite', surrounded by ex-Pilgrims go back to their hotel for a laptop session and a bottle of vodka.
  11. Dead journo? One down, too many to go. Perhaps someone should gather the heads of all news agencies together and point out that:

    1. wars are dangerous places
    2. We're not there to save your stupid reporters
    3. If you cheer for the other side don't be surprised if you get****ed about
    4. If your reporting gets one of ours killed don't come looking for favours
    5. You could try reporting what happened in an unbiased manner for a change rather than pushing your agenda (OG please note)
    6. It's not 1969, you are not sticking it to "the man" and the Vietnam war is over, stop reporting as if you're some hippy photo journalist
    7. Facts are nice, making shit up should have some repercussions even for journo scum

    Did I mention I don't like them?
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  12. 'making shit up'?

    Like saying Ahmed Omed Khpulwak was shot by the attackers when that was a lie?
  13. No, but as you chose to ask that do you mean journos never make anything up, lie, distort or push their own agendas? OG springs to mind
  14. Never get out of the ****ing boat....

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  15. Isaf's Brig Gen Carsten Jacobson said Khpulwak was "holding a gadget and reaching for something in his pocket"

    I do that when watching youporn on my mobile phone, thank **** there's no itchy trigger fingers in Lancashire.
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