BBC Journo killed in Afghan

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100 percent theres a Pakistani link to this.
No this is far more important to the BBC, than any baby killers death. Don't you know nuffin?
More importantly, it could be one of AK's distant relatives, pity he's not there himself instead of living off our welfare state!
Sadly it's a local Afghan BBC stringer. If it was one their prima d's it would be headlining the news.

"LONDON — The BBC says one of its reporters has died in an insurgent attack in Afghanistan that killed at least 17 people.The broadcaster says that Ahmad Omid Khpolwak was killed in Thursday's suicide attack in the southern Uruzgan province.
Afghan authorities said the attack left at least 17 people dead.
BBC says the stringer was 25 years old and joined the network in 2008.
Three suicide bombers blew up vehicles packed with explosives in three almost simultaneous attacks in Uruzgan. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the assaults."
more context here
Fatal attacks near Australian base
I must admit, I got as far as reading his name then switched off totally.
You should have heard the BBC news readers trying to say his name, I think a few of them did as well and rushed it in the hope no one would notice


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he was a local stringer so not really bbc just a subbie,
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