BBC Journalist Killed?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by E-Layer, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. Sky News

    Tragic if turns out to be true.

    Pointless waste - no motive behind the kidnapping, no demands.....nothing.
  2. Very sad......if confirmed.......

    Lets hope not.......
  3. Lets hope its not true, however maybe he was working on a story that someone didn't want published.
  4. This is very sad if true.

    The Beeb should take a long hard look at why it permitted him to live in Gaza when all other Western media has withdrawn. I'd hate to think a blind eye was turned simply because it placed him in the best position for an exclusive.

    If he has been killed it will be yet another example of the Palestinians 'never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity'.

    Johnson in particular and the Beeb in general are regarded as pro-Palestinian and many of his despatches highlighted the plight of the inhabitants of Gaza. Not only will it remove one of the few means of letting the world see the privations due to the Israeli blockade but play into Israel's hands by portraying the Palestinian Authority as (yet again) unable to control their own territory and (by extension) unfit to run an independant state.
  5. A dead BBC journo? not particularly bothered really, a huge deal for his colleagues though.

    My condolences to his loved ones
  6. Tend to agree with Vonshot. Couldn't give two flying *hits about the fact that a BBC Journo got slotted. The BBC don't seem to make any fuss over the deaths of British service personnel and I never saw them organising demonstrations in Iran when the fates of 'the 15' were uncertain. It's sad that an individual may has lost his life but no-one forced him to live in Palastine and I imagine he asked to take on that particular post. Even if he didn't he had the option of saying no. Condolencies to his family
  7. Condolencies to the family, but I couldn't give a fcuk, whats the bets this mans family gets a "aww were sorry, honestly" style letter from Blair the two faced cnut.....Nah the Beeb and its attitude just doesn't do it for me.
  8. Why i have no great likeing for most Journalist's my condolences if this is true to his family, A sad pointless loss.

    It seem that the various groups and faction within the whole area want nothing more than to ensure the whole area becomes ungovernable.

    Peace i fear will never come too that region regarless of what ever we or the UN try too do.
  9. You CAN bring peace to the whole region and it will come relatively cheap. Tony Blair has just made a commitment to invest in the new delivery system!!!
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Sad loss, and fairly pointless. An own goal for the idiots wot done it? No. The Beeb will still try and hug along with the terrorists.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Too stupid for their own good. A sympathetic reporter to the Pali cause and they kill him. Tragic but indicative of the barbarian side of these people.

    As an earlier poster says - they never miss and opportunity to miss an opportunity.
  12. I agree, it would be a sad loss.

    It just doesn't seem to make any sense though, why kill a journalist who tries to paint a rosy picture about you? Surely by killing such a popular and well known man would just mean that all sentiments against the Palistinian would turn against them in a big way?

    Even barbarians have brain cells and someone with half a brain cell could see that an action like this, to put it mildly, would not be a good move.

    Like I said, it just makes no sense
  13. that would pre-dispose that it was a rational act. It is quite feasible that he was targeted because he was sa westener. A sequence of unfortuneate events and he gets killed before his captives realise who he is and the implications. They then get scared about admitting it and hope the problem will go away in a short period of time.

    One of many possible scenarios. My sympathies are with his family, but I do wish the BBC would stop treating it as a national disaster.
  14. Parallels with Frank Gardiner getting targetted? IIRC even A-Q admitted on one of their affiliated websites that it was an own goal, as he was that rare beast in the Western meeja, a reporter who was pretty impartial and was seen as respectful of local culture, language and so forth.

    Condolences to his family if true.
  15. he commented in one report that the worst fate to await a hostage on the Gaza Strip is being fed to death.

    Hopefully, he is not another victim of arab hospitality, but this goes to show how naive and idealistic some BBC reporting can be. That's not to suggest he took his own protection lightly or wasn't an honest reporter.

    I wonder who set the JPost up with that report that he faked his own hostage taking as he was about to be fired by the BBC? This bizarre claim was reported a few days ago.

    What's happened to this country (and I don't think what's happened to the BBC is a decent riposte -- BBC radio, at least, can still be counted on for thorough and honest reporting)? There's a time when we would have made the Battle of Jenin look like urban rejuvenation in response to an act like this.

    Did the British Government threaten any consequences if diplomacy and protests :roll: failed?

    Seems we only employ 'Pink Panther' diplomacy when the hostages are held by a bunch of sand-kicking animists.

    Would they have dared capture and kill an Israeli journalist?