BBC: Journalism - A dangerous profession

BBC News, well I say news, its not really news to anyone with an ounce of sense in there head. Journalists by profession are required to be at least clever if not bright yet the BBC has whined and moaned about Mr Johnston (and I am glad to see him safe and well) and his predicament.

Correct me if I'm wrong the BBC put him in harms way, in a land torn by war, both international and for want of a better term tribal. Palestine is a haven for all kinds of religious zealots, gangsters, psycho's and nutters, all fuelled by seemingly endless hatred and tit for tat killings.

Now if the BBC are happy to decide that the news from Gaza or anywhere else for that matter is more important than the safety of its journalists then that is their decision and when it all goes wrong by all means mount a campaign until the hostage is freed.

[rant]However when they are freed have the humility to admit you were wrong and most importantly SHUT THE FCUK UP ABOUT IT!" [/rant]

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