BBC is too scared of Islam, says Ben Elton

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. Fcek me! The bastions of the left turn on themselves -
  2. Nice one, Elton. Pointing out the bleeding obvious at least 3 years too late! Just like your stand up. Tw@t.
  3. The route cause for this reaction is that radical muslims have too much of a say in what they hear on the TV and in the media ....a 0 tolerence to anything said against them or their culture. We know as brits there is no offence intended when things like this are said we just want a good laugh...thats what makes us Brits ....I digress

    Multiculturism will only work in UK if everyone is unified this I mean if muslim or other communities integrate into the British way of life. You cannot expect people of very different cultures to have the same life values or even the same sense of humour ...afterall look at the Germans !!they are almost our neighbours but yet they have basic differences. I blame the government for creating this situation no-one else. Their policy of integration is non existent and their immigration policy is driven by the fear of economy collapse.

    Bowing down to these people will eventually destroy the British way of life if it hasnt already. We will end up breaking our equivalent of the 1st amendment - the right to free speech - Enoch powel may well be turning in his grave now.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He raises a very valid point about Islamic humour versus christian humour on the beeb.

    The Vicar of Dibley, Father Ted anyone?
  5. I have said it before and I will say it again. It is this very policy of Multiculturalism that has lead to the ghettoisation of society as we see it today.

    Different cultures pulling in the same direction is no bad thing, but Multiculturalism encourages victim status amongst minorities leading to bitterness and further insularity.

    Multiculturalism (Thanks Roy Jenkins and others :X ) has failed, and very spectacularly. We have to reset the parameters of the debate. We should no longer be pandering to the individual concerns of each interest group, but finding our common ground.

    Multiculturalism celebrated our differences. Is it any wonder that those differences became barriers?

    There are many more things that unite us as divide us.
  6. He can't talk he's part of the problem, ultra PC, smug, self rightous, right on comedian and labour supporter.

    And his stand up is sh!t, just not funny at all, god knows how or why he's been a famous comedian since the early 80s, on the back of the young ones and blackadder, who has he been *******?
  7. Perhaps he should watch 'Mock the Week' when it's on. They have a go at anyone.
  8. Everyone's scared of Islam. See the response to this story about someone proposing that no more mosques should be built here while Islamic states persecute Christians (I don't mind mosques; I reckon we should build one for every new church that's built in Saudi Arabia).

    It's one of the fruits of terrorism, creating a terror in your opponents so that they're too scared to even criticise you. It shows that the battle's nearly won.
  9. Biped, you are a good person but tell me about Islamic humour. I never experienced any.
  10. The Only Iranian Comedian in the world. :wink:
  11. Are they fcuk scared of Islam, they are just trying to be everyones best mate they let christian jokes go about because they know we are not middle ages minded twats who cannot take a joke. The beeb are typical media cnuts who try to please everyone and the radical muslim twats who complain about everything are the minority (only for another 20 years mind you!!) and as the minority they can and will complain and get away with anythign they like because otherwise it will be unfair etc etc you get my jist.

    This quote from Caspiandood should be sent to all the bloody media outlets and gov
    "Multiculturism will only work in UK if everyone is unified this I mean if muslim or other communities integrate into the British way of life. "

  12. Oh come on now, we all know that the muslim community throughout the world has a fantastic sense of humour...just ask any Danish cartoonist, Dutch film maker or teacher who brings a teddy bear into school? :
  13. Thanks for that. I will be in Copenhagen this weekend (BA willing) I will ask around.
  14. he is Iranian, but I believe born here. Don't know if he is a muslim. I have not found him particularly funny but I still don't think that he tells any Islamic jokes.(?)
  15. Ummmm, yah. I really wasn't being serious, hence the wink.