BBC iraq CP/BG article

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An interesting variety of opinions expressed in the comments section including someone from liphook plugging RMPCPOs very strongly!

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This is the RMP bit.

I am a professionally Trained Close Protection Operative (BodyGuard). I have done this work for the past 19 years with the Military working with the FCO and the Military. I was also responsible for training future CP operatives. All the Military trained CP Operatives who are responsible for the protection of Diplomats and High Ranking Military Officials are well trained in all aspects of Close Protection, including Anti Surveillance drills. The problem with other third world countries is that they do lack the correct training for their so called Body Guards, they believe in numbers rather than quality of person you employ.

If VIPs had people with the correct Skills and Training then fewer highly trained is far better than large non trained people to have around you. There are too many people in civilian life now thinking they are Body Guards after doing a 3 - 4 week course, in the military the training is a continuous course updating on skills and drills, weapon training, Advanced medical training. The civilian Market is now flooded with people who think they know how to be a bodyguard, but to be a CP operative you need to know how to blend into your surroundings and not stick out like a sore thumb, there is High and LOW Profile CP and both require experience and skill to do the job correctly and professionally.

Without doubt Royal Military Police Close Protection Operatives are the highly trained and experienced Bodyguards that can do this work at all levels. They do an outstanding job of protecting Diplomats in High Threat Areas as well as the Senior Military Commanders. If Third World country leaders had people like these looking after them then they wouldn't need 3,000 bodyguards with numbers like that you DO draw attention to yourself, in this environment you need to adopt a low profile approach and attempt to try and not draw attention to yourself, Yes being a Prime Minister or President you will have so much attention drawn towards you BUt how many BGs does Tony Blair have? Having worked with Special Branch who protect him and previous PMs you will see they operate in a more numbers than you expect but because they blend in to their surroundings you do not see them sticking out like sore thumbs. Fewer blended in is better than all sticking out.. Well thats my say anyway. Thank you for your time.
I C, Liphook Hampshire, UK

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