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BBC iPlayer

I downloaded the BBC iPlayer after seeing it advertised and folowed up with a couple of programmes, but wasn't impressed because, although the speech played back in real-time, the picture stuttered to a halt every few seconds as my superfast 286 struggled to keep up.

However, I accidentally viewed the same programme using RealPlayer with much, much better results. I assume that RP uses a more efficient player than the BBC's!

Don't try this on narrowband, though, because a 60 minute long programme is 300MB of data!

I know there is more than one version of iplayer

the downloadable version with DRM for M$ users

and the streaming flash player for those of us mortals who deem to use other operating systems

If you are having stutters are you watching the flash version (which streams to your computer as you are watching it, hence can slowdown if your connection can not deliver the stream fast enough for some reason)

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