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On the BBC iPlayer right now are a load of army documentaries from 1964 to 1996, for example it has a programme about Xmas in Belize in 1977, a programme on CofH Slater in 1977, The Para's series, Defence of the Realm from 1996 and a few other odds and sods. Does anyone recognise themselves or friends in any of the programmes? Does anyone know what happened to the people in them? What are they doing now? (I know The Para's has been done on another thread but the other programmes haven't). Any blasts from the past for some people?


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We have been having a right laugh over the !7/21st 1968 documentry , Death or Glory, on the regiments FB page, and yes a lot of us are still around
The Royal Tournament 1956.

Two observations: Excellent drill by the Royals and the massed bands of the Light Infantry Brigade - you would be pressed to see so many musicians in one place today, even on the Sovereign's birthday parade.

Blimey, I'm getting old!


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The Para's appears to have come off.

Back to Youtube for the end part then
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