BBC iPlayer

Did anyone have any problems with this last night?

Tried to download The Tudors on my laptop, and got a message that I must enable javascrip on my browser. Checked and JS was on. Turned it off and on again. Same message. Tried a different browser (safari) and got the same message, but setting showed JS enabled.

Sod it. I'll try my desktop PC, then stream it or download it from there onto a USB drive....

But I get the same messages. 'You must enable JS to view this content'. JS definitely enabled, up to date, correctly installed and with correct drivers on both machines.

iPlayer worked fine the night before. 4oD and Demand5 worked on both PCs too, yesterday and the night before, and both of these need JS to run, I think.

Can only surmise that the problem is with the shitty iPlayer and not my kit.


I have heard that the iPlayer has been pissing about lately. I'd wait until tomorrow, and try again. It might resolve itself.
just been into a Wetherspoons with BT Cloud access. BBC iplayer works perfectly. Come home BBC iplayer does not work on orange mobile broadband, on the same netbook and desktop PC.

So the only common denominator here is ******* bastard ******* orange

ergo ORANGE IS ******* USELESS! I won't be renewing this contract.

If you are listening , Orange, you are useless spastic cnuts. What happened? You used to be the best in the business.