BBC iPlayer and Ashes to Ashes...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airfix, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Not content with stitching up Her Maj with dodgy trailers, those tw@ts at the Beeb seem to have pulled Ashes to Ashes from their iPlayer service.

    Last night's show together with ALL previous ones are no-where to be found!


    Grrrrr... :evil:
  2. You are not missing much.A shame really,it had potential.
    Yet worse,they have commisioned another series.Thankfully the delightfully fragrant Keely Hawes will be back.
  3. B@stards!

    You check and check and finaly whinge about it not being there and check again, and still not there and then they put it on - now that's the power of Arrse!

    It's a conspiricy to make me look more of a cnut than I already am!

    I shall be busy for a while, once I get some Kleenex for DI Drake.... :roll:
  4. has anyone else found iplayer to be incredibly slow to download? took 8 hours overnight to get 1 episode of Ashes
    Limewire seems much faster
  5. I watched a couple of episodes and while that Keeley Hawes bird is a looker, she cant act for sh1t. Ashes to Ashes just doesnt have the same pull as Life on Mars. Shame.