BBC interview with Pastor that treatend to burn 300 copies of the Koran

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by viceroy, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. This is quite comic and I invite you to listen to the whole 28 minutes, towards the last 5-10 minutes BBC's O. B. Jones almost looses his patience with the pastor who is a high school graduate with an honoray doctorate that has published a book on Islam without heaving read the Koran, knowing what Ramadan is or how many times daily most muslims are supposed to pray. You got to love Pastor Jones's points and his talking about something he clearly knows nothing about; priceless!

    BBC iPlayer - The Interview: 02/10/2010 Pastor Terry Jones
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  3. Them thur pesky Muslim critters ya gotta watch 'em or they'll radicalise yer grits. Y'hear?
  4. Since when has knowing nothing about a subject stopped people from talking about it ?
    Yes Captain FWS,I'm talking to you.

  5. Well that is a shame, and he is a fool - because if he had taken the time and trouble to read it, he could really have gone to town on it.

    BTW. have you read it?

  6. Why on earth did BBC World Service see fit to give so much airspace to a half-wit fanatic who leads a church of barely 30 folowers!
  7. Because the Salman Rushdie affair showed that an unreadable author could provoke global mayhem by gently taking the piss out of Islam, and a Danish newspaper editor caused riots in places where they've never even heard of Carlsberg.

    In the global media, one half-wit can cause a disproportionate amount of damage. We can't win a 'moral' argument with the Islamics, because 1) We are pretty decadent and we're proud of it and 2) they are pumped up with religious self-righteousness.
    The only stick we have to beat them with is 'ethical' purity- We have to be able to prove that even if we do live in Sodom and Gomorrah Mk2, we're STILL a better place to live than under an Islamic theocracy, because we are genuinely less spiteful, corrupt and intolerant, and simply make better neighbours in a crowded world. (That Christ bloke had a simple message about neighbours. He commanded us to love them. The Prophet had a slightly different view:
    “Believers! wage war against such of the infidels as are your neighbours, and let them find you rigorous: and know that God is with those who fear him.” Sura 9:123
    I know who I want to live next door to.)

    Under normal conditions, no contest. Even the most devout Muslim would probably have to admit that in terms of holding a complex urban society together, pure Islamic law is about as much use as a concrete parachute. Almost all the most 'successful' Governments in history have managed to divorce Church and State, but guarantee religious freedom. Even the Ottoman Turks managed to put away some of their Islamic intolerances and put up with Jews and Christians in order to make their empire work.

    When some swivel-eyed loon of a Mullah deliberately sets out to cause religious strife in an Islamic country, we just shrug, and say 'Well, it's just what they do. We've grown out of that.' We put our ethical refusal to follow suit above his 'God-given' morality.

    That argument falls over when WE generate some sectarian clerical nutter, and he deliberately pokes the thin-skinned Islamics.
    In short, it allows the worst element of the Islamics to point the finger and say 'Look brothers-The Ungodly are at least as bad as us.'

    By giving the American pastor airplay, we risked giving him the 'oxygen of publicity' but we also exposed him as a bit of a loon, and not representative of the rest of the world.