BBC internet news on Women in the Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by socialhandgrenade247, May 10, 2006.

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  1. There was a good article in the Telegraph by Kate Adie on the role of women in the armed forces. Made some interesting points.
  2. And some specky git mouthing off in the times today .
  3. Says in the BBC report that they are good at IT and Comms. Not that i remember ..... ;-)
  4. My guess is that this pictures was taken no ealier than 1991 and no later than late 1993.


    Infact I am going to guess the capbadge is RLC, so i would say probably 1993.


    Would the Americans have persued Jessica Lynch as doggedly had it been a bloke? There would have been a lot less pressure from political and public sources. She was splashed all over the news during her time as MIA.

    It is wrong but women in the Army, and unfortunetly those who are wounded or are killed more so, will always attract media attention for the wrong reasons. The media manage to put some sort of spin on the story that makes out she should never have been put in that situation in the first place. Yet, as the BBC report shows, women have often contributed as much to dangerous operations (ie SOE) as men on an individual level.

    If I recall correctly the staff that helped break Enigma were practically all women, those that worked out calculations for the onboard gunnery calculators of WW1 battleships were all women also I believe and the women who stepped forward to carry out all manner of duties during the wars. Yet they are repeatedly seen as weak, meek or whatever the press thinks they are supposed to be.
  5. Hmm, a bird marching with a bang stick and what appears to be WRAC No 2 dress? White gloves? A beret? Hmmmmm. Cadets?
  6. Half a step out as well. :roll:
  7. Cadets with SA80's and bayonets! not likely.
  8. Now it makes you wonder, why the ladies have to have a different coloured uniform than the chaps. Isn't that discrimination
  9. So we can tell that they are female :?:
  10. "But do they have a real role to play in a war zone, or are they there for the sake of political correctness?"

    I think the questions is ridiculous. If the writer is coming in from such a dated perspective, it does make you think about the integrity of the rest of the article and the attitude the reporter is trying to convey. In fact the rest of the article does seem to be quotes about the inevitability of women being killed in the armed forces, rather than any meaningful observation about their contribution.
  11. Albeit this thread covers the wider issue of women in a war zone as highlighted by the BBC........Female Killing Machines focused the issue on close quarter combat.

    Flight Lieutenant Sarah-Jayne Mulvihill (RIP) was killed by a a surface to air attack (allegedly) on a helicopter recce and certain quarters are getting twitchy about this. Imagine the bow-wave if she had been killed as a result of a ground recce gone wrong turning into an ambush and subsequent hand-to-hand resulting in a knife through the stomach. Negative opinion would be bouncing off all 4 walls.............
  12. Dis crimination, dat crimination, what's it matter?
  13. Isnt size a Combat Indicator??