BBC in racism shocka!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tired_chimp, Feb 24, 2009.

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    Isn't this pish the very essence of racism in itself?

    Meeting at the Beeb -

    "How do we show we're not racist?"
    "I dunno, we need more ethnics."
    "What, like blacks?"
    "Yeah, those are the fellas."
    "Cool, cool, not enough though...."
    "Why don't we get rid of all the white people then?"
    "Yeah, sounds good.... how do we write that one?"
    "Well, we could make the storyline all about how bad the nasty whites are to the black people, only wanting to earn an honest crust in Engerland."
    *high fives all around, racism - DONE*

    Makes my blood boil.
  2. get Jagerman to write in, he can send off a borderline rant!
  3. Why is that news?
    Who cares, BBC parading thier "multicultural" broadcasting around as they try to keep within thier code of practice to keep thier license fee methinks.
  4. Complete non story. Eastenders has done single hander, double hander episodes and single family episodes before, so this is just another one in that series.

    Yes it's noteworthy that the characters are black as it hasn't happened before but if it actually does accurately portray the black experience in the UK in the 1950s and later and in that bit of London in particular then fair enough. May be more noteworthy as there aren't that many ethnic minority families in other soaps.

    What are they supposed to do? Have the family saying how nice the British people were when they first moved and how there were/are no problems?

    Will point out strongly that I do not now and have not at any time watched EastEnders!
  5. I would shag those "fergal sharkies" nice looking tottie mind :wink:
  6. Who watches this sh*te anyway?
  7. It's not fucking news, it's a stupid self-congratulatory smug pat on the back for Auntie Beeb, doing her bit to inflate the egos of minorities.
  8. I'm maybe being daft here, but what does single hander and double hander mean?
    Something to do with queers?
  9. You take soaps far too Brits are the least racist types.. :roll:
  10. Don't take soaps seriously at all as I don't watch them! Merely pointing out why it isn't a big deal!
  11. I remember Leslie Grantham remarked when he was in, that it was like uncle Toms cabin. The BBC had a word with him
  12. Sorry, one character on their own (Dot Cotton did one) or two characters.
  13. Ah right. At least it wasn't queers.
  14. Does anyone actually watch Eastenders?
  15. are forgiven....your not a Sun reader? are you, you are right its a non story, I watched Roots a few years ago it was full of them.... 8O