BBC guide to urban warfare

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dr_Evil, Nov 11, 2004.

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  1. Haven´t a clue, but it was entertaining.

    Write them an E-Mail asking for the stuff on a disk!?
  2. Excellent. It worked. You are a leg end.
  3. I know this :D

    Damned if the long haired OC thinks so though :cry:
  4. Phew!...and there was I thinking that the "Insurgents" were poorly armed and poorly trained.

    Luckily they have the BBC to keep them fully up to date on our tactics....just to make it a bit fairer of course.

    No Fcucking wonder they are so bloodly effective against our boys. They know exactly how to defend and offend against us.

    Er....Hello BBC (No not you Blessed Baby Cakes...although you COULD have a word) any chance you could let us know when they are planning their next suicide bomb please.....I presume that you have embedded reporters with them as well....just to be balanced....

  5. I wouldn't blame the BBC completely, even if they are a load of biased arrseholes. Just go to Google and enter FIBUA Tactics, lots of people shouting their mouths off (informed and otherwise)!
  6. Just having a late night rant Mike!! Yeah I know it's all over the internet, but to propegate it further on the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation website is nothing less than irresponsible. Don't they have anything better to put on their websites? What kind of public service is that?? The sort that only helps the people who are intent on taking as many of our boys and girls to paradise with them?

    And, insultingly, in the age of satellite and cable TV, I am also forced to pay for their services by law!!

    Wake up BBC!

    Sorry....started ranting again!
  7. Shurely Bliar Broadcasting Corporation?
  8. The main thing that grips me is their constant referral to Militants. They aren't anything of the sort, they're terrorists. When people line up captured Iraqi forces personnel and then execute them, behead kidnapped civilians and detonate roadside IEDs, that makes them terrorists and the BBC should use that term!
  9. I,m sure as the assault started and their entire world turned pear shape the enemy in fallujah had time to look on the website in how to stop the americans they evidently didnt read it as its now all over
  10. How long before this turns up as some lazy feckers power point on FIBUA