BBC gone Army mad?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Commentator, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. After drip drabs of the services being put into programs on the BBC it seems that suddenly they've all come at once.

    Not just the "Young Soliders" documentary, but the Sandhurst one to document the Officer training.

    As well as this throw in the Regimental Stories series (currently on iPlayer "The Royal Welsh")
    Also, the "Our War" series that has recently finished and the whole plethora of back catalogue of Service related TV that the BBC has made available in BBC 4's Army: A Very British Institution (BBC Four - Collections - Army: A Very British Institution)

    Has the BBC moved away from the days of the Undercover Soldier reporting of ensuring the Army got a bad press and onto a more "Army-friendly" approach?
  2. I'd make the most of it. Once Afg is over and the army becomes a peacetime militia that wouldn't fill a decent sized football stadium without even the Cold War or NIron to 'keep things real' there will be an extended period of stony silence.
  3. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I am also pleasantly surprised that the BBC have stayed out of the media speculation regarding the late John McAleese.

    They reported his funeral and that was it.
  4. I noticed that on their website this morning, if someone was going to have a pop about anything - Today's not the day to do it if you have any self respect.

    BBC 4 do have a bit on the military at the moment, but they also had another programme on Monday night about the links between TV and the Army / Wars. I only watched the first 10 mins, but they did say about how striong the links were. Remembering war films, real footage from the 1st and 2nd World wars, not just Afghanistan.
  5. As usual, the 'metrosexual' Notting Hill cretins at the BBC are two months too late. The editors will note the good stuff on other channels and decide that it's about time they got to the start line.

    But after months of H&S and political discussions behind the scenes, they'll be too late.

    Remember how Sky News beat them into Tripoli recently? (Even though their reports were shite)

    No stain on the record of the Beeb camera and sound crews, but the higher echelons in the Corporation are *****.

    If they were reporting the Battle of the Somme, they would start their recording on November 11th, 1918, to avoid insurance problems.
  6. Yes I saw this. Very interesting (and reminded me to watch Tumbledown again).
    It just seems that there has been no military programs for a while and now a flood of them.
  7. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

  8. Pessimism is not an admirable trait I'm afraid. There will be much to do post-Afghanistan and the timing of the introduction of barrack dress/FAD confirms this. It has not been brought into service at great expense for nothing - the intent is that we all (once all the green fleet and supporting hardware has been sold or put into long-term baulk) get out into the community, wearing non-aggressive and gender-neutral barrack dress, and take part in H & S compliant country fairs and military festivals, and Stonewall-type equality fests, in order to prove our versality, diversity and inclusivity. It is anticipated that this will attract huge positive media interest from the BBC, the Guardian, and The Cottager.
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  9. It won't be too long after that for public apathy towards the armed forces to return.
  10. Best recruitment drive
  11. Of Course they are paying more attention to the Army.
    There are more Tory MP's now, than in the last few years and the Tory constituency is more likely to favour the Army, than that of Labour.
    This is simply the BBC reacting to that simple political reality.
  12. The sad fact is it is just done as cheap television.
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  13. they are also covering the SAS War Diaries launch today and all next week
  14. Yes the whole BBC thing at the moment is very out of tune for auntie - they usually depict soldiers bullying each other and throwing excrement over recruits.

    Even last night a SSgt in the RMP popped up on Crimewatch. Apparently they (the RMP) are investigating an under-age sexual assualt that happended in Detmold married quarters in 1974. The producers of Crimewatch obviously don't realise that the RMP couldn't catch a criminal in the middle of Strangeways, never mind one from Detmold in 1974.
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  15. Well, 90% of them are being aired as part of the Mark Urban Army: A very British Institution collection. It's on the BBC4 website. All the Paras episodes; the Royal Marines old Mountain & Arctic Warfare Cadre; Phantom Platoon, a decent 1996 documentary on the then-"non-existent" Pathfinder plt; a 1964 information video on the Indonesian Confrontation (patrolling Borneo with 40cdo) etc etc etc.

    It's all been stuck on iplayer too.