BBC = Gay Dracula

it's been done by Gatiss and Moffat so it could be quite good.

it could also be awful


The BBC can't leave anything alone, they always have to push some agenda.
The BBC can't leave anything alone, they always have to push some agenda.

"insert" joke about gay things being pushed onto/into someone
It really is never-ending, isn't it? We had an unnecessary gay slant to War of the Worlds, now Dracula is being re-worked to, er, well...

Tom Cruise has played a vampire before, unsurprisingly a very gay looking vampire

Lets hope they go back to the 70's next and bring back lesbian vampires
The Beeb's well behind the curve on this one, as you could not get any gayer than Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire.

Or maybe it just boils down to the actor himself. Who knows.

Edit: bastard @lokiuk beat me to it.


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I just told my boss about this. His reply was "I'm really going to lose my shit if they turn Superted Transgender".
Winifred the Pooh is next. Piglet just doesn't know how much better life is going to be.
And as for Tigger jumping up people all the time, Eeyore knows just what to do with that.


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The idea of Dracula being whoopsie has been alluded to by film critics as far back as the first film version in 1931. In the scene where Jonathan Harker the solicitor is about to be seduced by three female vampires, the count bursts in and says “How dare you touch him, any of you? … This man belongs to me!”

You can see the full film here.

I seem to recall there were also quite a few straight to video films in the 1980s that alluded to the AIDS crisis, where the vampire would seduce strangers and bite them, turning them into vampires and spreading the curse...

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