BBC following 3 Para

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobath, Apr 24, 2008.

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    Some good little talking head bits, even got one guy from 3 Para morters and some of the allyest sidburns around.

    Hope for a quite tour, if not then give 'em hell boys.
  2. A bit brave of the BBC - I thought they never went anywhere that didn't have a 5-star hotel. Besides, a BBC crew would never survive a booze ban.
  3. See what you mean about ally sideburns... :D - Good one ! Ta !
  4. Funny how the mortar pl lad mentioned going to Thailand!! they charter their own Flt so I've heard!!
  5. BBC wooftas following 3 Para mtrs, or is it the other way round?? Either way somebody is going to get lucky! Ambush!
  6. Another good piece of PR for the boys.
  7. If it's PR or not, Good luck to the guys, and may they all come home safe.
  8. Obviously trying to rival ITV's Ross Kemp programme.

    However, I think the Para brigade are hailed above any other brigade when it comes to Afghanistan, yet every brigade that's been in Helmand since the last time the paras were there have had an equally as tough a tour, yet, there is no exhibitions, books or anything else released on them, just minor news clips.
  9. Wheres that come from? I seem to recall a BBC crew being decimated by an american bomb in Herrick one or two, One killed three wounded (John Simpson), their current middle east editor is paralysed from gunshots sustained from in Iraq.
    I'm no lover of the BBC but that is baseless rubbish. Whatever you think of the BBC there are solid journalists covering every news worthy event. Fact.
  10. I thought John Simpson was ITV?

    Well, the BBC are based at Khandahar Airfield. If anyone's been there, then they will know that it might as well be a 5 star hotel with all the facilities that are availible.
  11. Further to Rubbernekkers post, I would remind Mcnairb of the Panorama programme where BBC crews followed a unit in AFG.

    One correction, Frank Gardner was shot in Riyadh.
  12. After Ross Kemp on Sky, the ongoing Guardian's coverage commitment and now the BBC I think we must be pleased at what I sense is a real positive ground swell of media support for our forces - I really feel this is a big change in attitude from this time last year. It won't be all good media wise but every step in the right direction must be welcomed.

  13. He is from the BBC...

    And it was Telic 1 not Herrick...
  14. Always thought Alastair Leithead gave quite good reports from Afghanistan,seems to have been there for a good while and been on a few Ops with whichever unit has been on tour.
  15. I've met him a fair few times so he definately gets about!