BBC Facing the truth

A programme by this name was broadcasted yesterday on BBC world. It was hosted by Desmond Tutu. The topic in question was the murder in 1987 of Mr Dermott Hackett by loyalist paramilitarys inc Michael Stone. I'm not a great lover of the BBC but have to admit that this was one of the best programmes I have seen in a long time.

I had been a multiple commander at the time of Mr Hacketts murder and was involved in the follow-up, furthermore I was in Belfast when Mr Stone turned milltown cemetery into a grenade range & his appearance on this programme (in which he came across as articulate & not just a thug) helped answer many of the questions that have haunted me for years. I must also praise Mr Hacketts family for the dignified manner in which they conducted themselves...

The BBC get a rough ride on ARRSE but on this occasion I feel they got it right.

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