BBC F1 Commentry Team 2009

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by leveller, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Here you, Dream or despair, too late now.

    Red Bull Racing’s David Coulthard and former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan will both serve as television pundits next season when the BBC takes over UK Formula One broadcasting rights from current holders ITV.

    Coulthard retired from competition at the end of the 2008 season. He will continue to serve as a consultant and test driver for Red Bull, but will now combine this role with TV commitments that will see him on screen alongside Jordan and BBC anchorman Jake Humphrey.

    "After 15 seasons competing in F1, my passion for the sport is still very much alive, and therefore I was delighted to be given the opportunity to share my views and experiences through the BBC coverage of F1,” Coulthard told his new employers.

    Coulthard will not be the only ex-driver in the BBC’s line-up. Martin Brundle makes the switch from ITV to continue his co-commentating role, alongside Jonathan Legard. Brundle’s former colleague Ted Kravitz is also retained to report from the pit lane, where he will be joined by Lee McKenzie.

    Jordan has remained a regular visitor to the Formula One paddock since selling his team to Midland in 2005. The Silverstone-based squad has changed hands twice since then, with current owners Force India taking over from Spyker late last year.
  2. Good to see Brundle being kept on by the Beeb also Jonathan Legard (He knows his stuff) is a good choice for the commentary i am happy ......
    No more adverts either...
  3. Im looking forward to hearing from them, but i could mention a few people that wont be. :D
  4. You're shitting me right?? Brundle is a cunt pure and simple. And quell suprise to see David Kryton Cunthard in tow (managed by Brundle).

    The pair of them are as interesting as pocket fluff and slightly less talented.

    I thought it was too good to be true F1 going back to the Beeb. Trust them to fuck it up.

    The Beeb should invent a time machine cloning device to resurrect James Hunt.

    Johnny Herbert would have been a better bet.
  5. Got rid of that dozy bint though :D
  6. Brundle is a major share holder in all things F1. nothing new there he is also involved in WRC
  7. Its about the only decent thing involving F1 that he is or was good at. He was to F1 driving what Linford Christy was to synchronised swimming.
  8. Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell are co-directors for MB2 Motorsport.
  9. Good in sports cars though . :)
    Flashy i agree with regards to Coulthard a fekwit in every word and yes James Hunt would be great if we could wind back the clock , in the same way as big fat slicks and turbos .
    My ideal commentary Alan Jones and John Hindhaugh of Radio le Man fame...
  10. Mark Blundell is better suited to commentate. He has a better persona behind the mic and tends to not be overtly biased. His technical input is useful and not 'show-offy' like Brundle. It makes me laugh when Brundle tries to big it up by telling us what its like to drive an F1 car. Fair dos, he has more experience than me but it infurites me when he slags off current drivers abilities or picks up on a mistake. The last F1 car that tosser drove in anger, it was flying through the air onward bound to the wall in Melbourne (not strictly true- his last F1 race was Japan 96). The cars of 12 years ago with TC and tons of driver aids are quite different from todays beasts. The decent think about Brundle is his loathing of Mosely and his indifference towards the poisoned dwarf.
  11. Someone mentioned to me at work today that Hammond from TG might be involved in the comentary.....any truth in this rumour? I don't think he knows anything about F1??
  12. In that case, he is more qualified than Brundle.
  13. He's never even watched an F1 race 8O
  14. Are they going to bring back "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac as the theme tune?
    And are they going to broadcast in HD as all the adverts on ITV led you to believe it would?

  15. Ah the memories.

    Watching live broadcasts of the Mexican GP with the commentary all via a phone link and the race overlay looking like someone had knocked it up on an Amiga!