BBC exclusive, but no one knows

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mick_sterbs, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Watching the BEEB 6 o'clock news last night and Mark Mardell was doing a piece about Captain Incompetence Brown and mentioned that the General Election was 8 weeks away?

    ffs, when was this announced?
    did i hear right?
    is our glorious leader unaware?
  2. Come on it would take the real PM Fondlebum to have to tell him first.
  3. It does not matter a Jot when the Election is, we should all get use to the fact that we are in for another five (5) years of Labour Rule.

    God Help Us.


  4. I thought that 6th May, same day as Local Elections, had been accepted, though not officially, as the date of the election?
  5. You haven't been listening, have you?

    6 May appears to be the bookie's choice at the moment!

  6. The Labour Party can't afford to conduct two campaigns, so 6 May is now looking most likely.

    Shame because I was hoping he would cut and run this week on the back of a good poll rating.
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    6 May coincides with local elections. Difficult to see any rationale for using a different date.
  8. IIRC it's also just about the last possible date to hold an election. Parliament will automatically disintegrate around the end of May if Gordon doesn't ask for a dissolution before then.

    Does anybody know what would happen then? Can the Queen order an election? Would Britain revert to being an absolute monarchy (Your Majesty, if you're reading this, start practising key phrases like "Off with his head", "To the bloody tower with him" and "Nice to see you again Mr Brown, the Iron Maiden should here shortly, and it'll be you who is doing the singing.").
  9. My votes in monster raving looney or similar (BNP) by proxy so they can hold it when they want.
  10. The last possible date for the General Election is Thursday, 3 June. Electoral Commission: What is the last possible date for a General Election?

    No-one except the Prime Minister knows the date yet, but the General Election is [self-edit] likely to be on Thursday 6 May, 2010.

    BAFF advice for members who are likely to be in Afghanistan on that date remains as follows, but more detail is expected very soon now:

  11. 'No-one except the Prime Minister knows the date yet' - No he doesn't, because Lord Rumba hasn't let him into the secret yet.

    As has been posted many times on this site, they must have a budget before May. Alastair Darling cannot (and probably will not) lie about the state of the economy, so when even the BBC and the Great British Public finally realise the abysmal state of the finances, the cat will be out of the bag. If he thinks he has any chance of success (and the grotesque 'charm offensive' is all part of the ploy), Brown cannot afford the truth to be out. Ditherer or not, I don't think he will wait until the last moment.
  12. Fair enough, mnairb. My rather predictable interest is obviously in encouraging colleagues, especially serving personnel, to make sure they are registered to vote - in time for the Election - and then to make their own voting choice in the General Election when it comes. Equally obviously, we are monitoring the situation very closely and will issue fresh advice as and when the situation changes.

  13. Hackle

    what happens for the local elections, do servicemen and women in theatre get the same voting choices as in the general election?
  14. Yes but that does raise a detail which I will double-check with those concerned. Thanks Whet.
  15. I'm still for March 25th, no need for a budget if they pick that day. Announcement on Monday.