BBC EU Troops to Somalia?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scoobish, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. EU troops = British infantry and supporting arms.

    Is the utter oaf Brown considering a bid to out-Bliar Bliar?

    I say let the shit that is the European Soviet Union do what it wants and give the British Armed Forces a well-deserved break. (I smell the rat Bliar in this ludicrous proposition).

    The Euroswine specialities for Somalia would be: dishonesty, corruption and unaccountability.

    Let this farce commence say I. On the proviso that no British infantryman or British soldier of any cap-badge has to die in the ensuing pantomime.

    We have just been appraised of the efficacy and efficiency of the Euroswine Navy.
  2. Somalia is a shit hole it did'nt go well for the spams last time.
    and its not going well for the few poor sods for the UN are there at the moment :(
  3. Wouldn't it be good to go there and slot the lot of the dirty stinking fuckers though? I suppose within a few years most of 'em will be living in London anyway.
  4. :evil: at least it wont be black hawk down two......we dont have black hawks!

    African problem =African solution!!

    let them kill each other /use witch doctors/get aids etc dont give a feck !
  5. Im off to Uganda in January woohoo
  6. As for the worry over a massive commitment for Britfor they want 200 trainers for the Somalians, 200 ain't that many and to be fair I think they'd come from other EU countries, after all most of them are NATO members who are less enthusiastic about Afg than us, the Dutch, Danes etc. So if 100 Romanians, 50 Greeks and 50 Slovenians are volunteered by their Govts to go, is it really any great shakes to us?

    In fact it will probably be newly-in states who volunteer for it, or even states who are still candidates, to try and convince us they are good partners or that it's a good idea to admit them (look at Georgia pledging troops for Afghan to try and weasel their way into NATO for example of this). So let the Bulgarians or someone go.

    That said, I agree with the sentiment above. Feck trying to intervene or interfere with them, they will only cry neo-colonialism anyway and if things are really to change there it must be the popular will and they've got to sort it out for themselves. I would be happy to just keep some ships off their coast keeping the pirates bottled up, increase security on other ships going through those sea lanes, and to lob a few TLAM/4.5in at the docks in Eyl and at the villa of anyone connected with the piracy game anytime they try anything a bit ballsy. We've got enough on our plate without this.
  7. Into the Valley rode the 2000.
  8. woops double post
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    A bit rich the Spaniards wanting someone else to rescue their bods after Spain bottled it after that train bombing.
  10. Aren't the UN still in Somalia?

    Or did they pull out too.
  11. Saw the NATO High Readiness plot last week, an oxymoron if ever there was one!

    The EU Battle Group is listed on the bottom of the table as a potential double-hatted asset for the NATO Immediate Response Force (IRF). You'll not be surprised to know that it doesn't feature any BRITFOR. As the previous post stated its mainly the Peaceniks and Central Europeans. Besides, can't see the EU making any rapid decisions.
  12. Surely, A EU Battle Group and NRF... and double-hatted, are you sure?

    Now I understand the idea is for an EU Police mission, as far as I can see to conduct training for Somali police in Uganda - can't see a problem there, just a tad of futility maybe...
  13. This is Somalia;

    And they are stock full of A.Q.
  14. No, no, no.ooooo!