Ever since i read about that Tw*t Jonahan Ross getting megabucks to be unfunny i have been giving the BBC a lot of thought and came up wih this thought:
We should only have to pay the costs of the manufacture and distribution of DVD,s made by the BBC and nothing else. My reasoning is:

We pay a licence fee to the BBC
They make programmes using the licence fee so we in effect are collectively buying the programmes.
If we buy a DVD from the BBC in the shops and they charge us more than reasonable costs, then we are effectively buying the same programme twice!

I am not talking about all programmes, only the ones commissioned and paid for directly by them.

Feel free to tear the arrse out of this now!

One other thing,

When are car salesmen going to stop calling themselves Sales Executives.Give it a F8cking rest, we all know what you are, c*nts.

Sorry rant over!
Fair one, but I pay insane amounts of money every month for sky and never watch the BBC channels. Doesn't stop me being charged for them though!


Taz_786 said:
They could at least put BBC HD on Freeview seeing as we're all paying for it...

That'd be no use unless you have a HD TV....
Well all new tellys are HD-ready and its not right that we all pay for the Beeb to make HD programmes and its only available to those with Sky or NTL.


Every time there is something on BBC channel that I want to watch (very few and infrequent) and I won't be in, I email them and ask for promo DVD. BBC always come up with some crap. Channel 4 and ITV have never refused (well the twice I have asked). BBC always claim copyright legislation, Channel 4 and ITV have never even asked for their costs (DVD production and postage) to be covered. All TV producers create promo DVDs which go out iot promote their programmes - ask the gits for copies of these.


Can’t help agreeing syle, even two tier pricing for license holders (i.e. shareholders) and normal sales. Not too hard to implement. The license holder orders and the DVD is only sent to the address registered on the license. Not foolproof, but near enough for Jazz.

And, as the license payers mainly fund the BBC, certain major issues should be subject to referendum?

My current top moan is probably re Digital reception and, despite the ‘must have’ advertising, they – the BBC – don’t give a damn if you can’t get it in your remote area – say parts of darkest Surrey.

”The transmitters covering your area are currently analogue and will be digital when we change over.”
And when is that?
”Err….sometime over the next……….years as set out in the information schedule”
When specifically this transmitter?
”We can’t say but over the next……..years as set out……..”
Yeah, yeah – so in the meanwhile can I have a license fee reduction because I’m paying for public services you can but will not provide to me?
”No, because over the next ………years as set out……….

Now, supposing the BBC went pay-per-programme? :twisted: