BBC Drama "Civvies"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mag_to_grid, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know why this has never been re shown?
  2. You cant get it on DVD/Video either,its a shame it wasn't bad.
  3. I got a copy of the book of e-bay. Quite a good read.
  4. Yeah,because it's just too Tough for today's viewer's :D

  5. Some of us still have it on video from when it was originally shown :wink:
  6. I remember it very well.
    Made my regiment look a right bunch of d*cks!

    Lynda La Plante got a load of grief for it and rightfully so.

    No, I haven't got a copy of it.
    Or a montage of 'Grant' moments from Eastenders.
  7. me to :D :D :D :D
  8. I remember that the MOD refused completely to cooperate wth the making of the film. It simply conveyed a message that they did not consider appropriate at the time.

    The film was about male bonding which LePlant wanted to convey and that came across pretty well.

    LePlant admitted in a radio interview that her inspiration for the film came about when a number of ex Paras were decorating her house and the conversations she had with them relating to their experiences and the way they worked together as a team and interracted wth each other facinated her and prompted her to sit down and write the story.

    When I spoke to a Brigadier the day after it had been screened, he referred to it as 'that dreadful film'. When asked him about specific aspects of it, he admitted that he had not actually seen it!

    The film was 'hyped' at least a week before it had been screened and the MOD had already made up it's own mind about it and that had perculated down the chain of command.

    It ranks with those films that probably will never again be shown such as 'Vanishing Army' whch was screened twice and then vanished, never to be seen again!
  9. I'd also like to see the two-parter "Warriors" again, set in Bosnia. Anyone know where I can get hold of that?
  10. I've got Warriors on my Pc. If you use Bit Torrent (Dodgy Downloads :wink: ) I'll upload it onto a site and post a link.
  11. thats been realsesed, saw it in the Libary in ATFC few years ago, attually I remember seeing in a DVD store in Roermond, Netherlands about 2 years ago
  12. Warriors has been repeated numerous times on UKDrama.

    Watch out for it there, it is probably due again.
  13. Here's one from ebay. Bought a copy for myself and it's very good. Straight DVD copy. All nice and BBC-proper. Well worth it.
  14. Didn't use it but installing it now. Thanks, sweaty, I'll come back to you once I've installed and grab that link off you.

    I haven't seen it on mainstream TV in maybe 3 years but I don't watch much telly.
  15. It was one big testosterone f*** up really. Shame that every single one of them was portrayed as a bunch of damaged lunatics who couldn't cope in the real world. Then it was a bit sad when they all got set up at the end.

    Still good though. Remember the one who had been in the closet? "Oi Frank, I love you". Classic.