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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kjokkenjokken, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. A BBC reporter has gone undercover at ITC Catterick and joined the army. A documentary is to be aired later this month exposing a regime of bullying, intimidation and the much discussed initiation ceremonies.

    Watch and Shoot.

    Oh dear, not again!!
  2. Channel 4 does "Undercover Mosque", the beeb does this!

    How unsurprising.

    I've been license free for over 3 years and TV free for a year. Not missing either.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Fantastic, when the cnut asks to be allowed to return to civi street decline them and get them out to the stan pronto. that'll fcking learn them.
  4. Unfortunately the little fatherless left before the end of the course...

    Anyone know when this is being broadcast?
  5. No room for bullies or bullying, most of us here know the difference between bullies and learning to deal with the realities of soldiering, many civilians don't. h

    I suspect that this documentary will no doubt take much out of context, and fail also to address the fact that the official secrets act must has been broken?

    Secret filming, on MOD property! or has in the last 8 years that been dropped i think not, and not to mention failure to disclose certain facts when and during the reporters enlistment...

    As much as i despise most journalists, i do believe they have the right to peruse stories that are in the public interest, it does make things uncomfortable at times but it is a keystone for freedom. This though must be tempered with presenting the story truthfully and in context.

    I do hope that the MOD do pursue the matters of his false statements to be enlisted and his breaking of the official Secret act.
  6. Strange how every undercover investigation seems to uncover exactly what it set out to.

    Are any such investigations abandoned when there is no case to answer?

    Given the time, effort and money involved, it's no surprise that the "evidence" is sought and found after the conclusion has been decided by broadcasters.

    I look forward to beeb's undercover probe into the antics of the telly-tax door knockers from Capita.

    All pigs fully fueled and clear for take-off!
  7. More here from the Daily Mail:

  8. This Country is full of lefty fannies getting weaker and weaker by the day. However, not satisfied with their own weak fanny status they set out to force other people to become weak fannies.

    Thank fcuk the cold war is over as the Ruskies would stomp us... Oh wait a min :Roll:
  9. As a young Territorial potential officer I spent three weeks with the regular recruits from the Depot doing their (then) eigth week battlecamp and the final two weeks battlecamp.

    Bags of beastings with both platoons, and lots of collective PT punishment. One platoon had an excellent young officer from the Border Rgt and a young 'going places' Sgt and one platoon had a very nasty fat knacker as pl cmd and an old pln Sgt (on his last two years of twenty two). One platoon had a good feel about it (even as we were running to Davyshiel in respirators 'cos someone paraded without his ressie in it's case) and one platoon had an air of menace about it. Being marched into the river at Warcop camp at midnight because the (drunk) pl cmd thought it amusing was not funny.

    But I never once saw or heard about any JNCO striking anyone in the either pl. Didn't need to in those days.
  10. I am still yet to complete my selection process so i dont mean to pass judgement on the army or how anything is ran. I have the upmost respect for every man or woman enlisted but.. no matter whether this guy broke the law or put emphasis on the bullying rather than the entire picture it doesnt change the fact that they have gathered proof of the people who are there to train and help young recruits beating them up..

    Thats incredibly suprising to hear but if they are publishing a documentary with various witnesses then we cant really argue with it. I would hate for that to happen to me when i join and to think that it happens to other kids who are already going to be scared entering training is just shocking.

    How would you like it if it was your child entering just to find they get beaten up and p**sed on by their superiors. Its as bad as teachers beating up kids in school.
  11. Nice one 'Flash', this thread started and died on 17 Sept 2008.

  12. ***PING***