BBC documentary on Iraq: Fighting The War. Available?

Just after the Iraq Invasion, the beeb broadcast a behind-the-scenes documentary. It was about 3 or 4, 1 hour programmes.

Does anyone know where it can be seen (youtube, etc) or downloaded easily for free. I'd just like to see it again.

I pparticularily remember the Scottish tank (battlegroup) who set up an advanced POL point along some road and the challengers speeding in to get a formular 1 type pit-stop. Pretty impresive to this civillians eyes. I remember 2 guys in an ambulance getting bollocked for being on the same road as the Challengers with much effing and jeffing in a scotch accent. :)

Also of note was the (un)impressive (Buff)Hoon chairing meetings with the service chiefs.

Interesting TV.
I know the documentry you are on about. Its called 'Fighting the war'.
Some years back i tried to track the documentry down. I emailed the producer who told me it was a one off and was unlikely to be aired again. I have also scoured the internet and cannot find it. If you manage to find it could you let me know?