BBC documentary on benefit frauds 8pm 3/11/11

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dragon825, Nov 3, 2011.

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  1. The BBC are showing how bad/easy benefit fraud is including people owning farmhouses in france whilst claiming rent benefit for a flat in london! Also some poor bloke with a bad back sailing across the atlantic solo, think i'm going to record this so i can watch in stages to prevent size 10 heading towards tv at vast rate of knots. In the link below 1 claimant drives from devon to london to pick up his claims in a bentley!!

    BBC News - Panorama - Benefit claimants with Bentleys, second homes, yachts

    PS could the solo trip across the atlantic explain the absence of whet in here?
  2. Will Whet be making an appearance?
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  3. The documentary is based on his yacht!
  4. in the paper it's says one of the fraudsters was a lib/dem candidate which made me wonder if it was princess whingina sleepyhead!!
  5. He must have got a job, not been seen for ages.
  6. OOOOOOh I can feel the anger already!! wheres Ashie the usless ****!!
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  7. I'm afraid Panarama of late is giving me anger issues i'm not sure to watch or just go and kill scroungers.
  8. Nothing new my aunt used to work in a GP practice in the east end of London. people of a certain skin hue were getting council flats and benefits to pay for them etc then sub-letting them out.
  9. Dont get me started on those Romainian peices of Shite, come back Hitlers, all is forgiven....the man was a visionary!!
  10. Enoch was a visionary.
  11. Yep agreed, I mentioned that in another thread!!
  12. As I said on another thread recently, there are a reported 600,000 mobility cars on the UK............... 1 in 10??????????????? I suspect that if the system returned to the little blue 3 wheeler then the claimants would fall off by 90%.
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  13. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Great things, dump the throttle governer and they'd do 70 forwards and backwards, even worse than Grace Kelly on a bend though.
  14. Want a laugh? Here in Pompey there are a lot of nice new white vans with 'disabled drivers'. Go to B&Q on any weekday and you can see them in the Blue Badge bays loading up for the days graft on site.
  15. Probably, but that wouldn't save a penny.

    If you are classed as having severe difficulty getting around, you get the higher component of Disability Living Allowance. This is to pay for taxis, buses, transport in general. The thinking is that people who are disabled get help with transport to put them on the same level as the able-bodied. I'm sure no-one here has a problem with that - no?

    You can choose to use some or all of the DLA money to pay for a car or a disability scooter (but not both). Whatever the cost of the lease comes out of the allowance. If Motability cars were not available, the money would still be paid to the disabled.