BBC Doco "Ads on the Frontline".

BBC NI broadcast a documentary on the series of adverts that the NIO comissioned, initially to promote the Confidential Telephone. An example is shown below:

It was quite interesting as it featured the testimony of the Civil Servants and Creatives involved in its creation which was new to me. A more surreal note was struck in that it used a similar sort of format to the Channel 5 type nostagia fests to provide a reaction to the adverts (which have not been screened in some time). This featured a number of people including a couple of NI comedians, an ordinary Joe and Josephine, Billy Hutchinson (the loyalist paramilitary leader) and Danny Morrison (formerly head of the SF/IRA publicity function). Amusingly, Morrison comes off in a particularly General Melchett tone as he is shown huffing and puffing about the ads being propaganda (Imagine!) and coming from a middle class mind set or words to that effect.

The iPlayer page is linked below...

Ads on the Frontline - BBC One
I remember seeing these ads getting mentioned on the BBC News at the time - "I want da hoods aff ma back - and I tried to find them on youtube with no luck so thanks for posting

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