BBC defends airing Taleban interview

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. On BBC News on Monday they aired in interview by a BBC reporter of a Taleban commander in Afghanistan. I personally found this cavorting with the enemy appalling, let alone giving them a platform on the British state broadcaster to push their anti-British Army propaganda. Would they have done the same thing to the Germans during the war? (Come to think of it, had we ever fought the Soviets this current lot probably would have done...)

    The Defence Secretary raised quite valid concerns that what the BBC was engaging in was putting British troops at risk. This is the BBC's response, entitled "hearing both sides":]

    My bold, all other formatting is theirs.

    Am I alone in finding reply rather sickening?

    As for the last paragraph, I would very much like to find out how "interviews or statements with the Taleban are obtained", especially with regard to how a Western reporter representing the state broadcaster of the country which the Taleban is fighting was able to get so close to a Taleban commander. Was it perhaps because the Taliban knew that they would come out favourably from such an encounter?
  2. Didnt the taliban blow up a western alliance commander by disgusing a sucide team as film crew . The bbc film crew have a big 4*4 full of electronic crap usually must be easy to bug :D .One way to target a jdam .
    The news clip I want to see is taliban commander wafflying on about beating the brits ,cut to news presenter "that was the late taliban commander who was killed when he led an unsuccesful attack against british forces "
  3. Nah, the BBC would just report that the attack happened and state the number of British casualties, totally ignoring the hundreds or thousands of Taleban casualties, and then link this into a tract about the "quagmire", rising British casualties, increasing Taliban activity, and how we are actually losing...
  4. Why are we paying our licence fee towards an organisation that is consorting with our enemies?
  5. Which is EXACTLY what they are doing...they report '80 killed' but never mention that 79 are Taliban.....and 1 is an Afghan Army lad.

    Disband the BBC now.
  6. The correspondent is an Afghan working for the BBC
  7. Don't disban them. Stop the license fee :D they'll go bankrupt within a year.....
  8. That certainly doesn't make it any better, and brings in the question of the "impartiality" of the reporter if he can move so freely in such circles, and whether British taxpayers money should go to pay such a person.
  9. Quite -- they would be utterly out of their depth in the free market.
  10. Certainly distrurbing, yet hardly new nor surprising - during the Falklands War, the BBC helpfully pointed out that the Argentinian Air Force was dropping its bombs on the Task Force before they were arming (which almost certainly resulted in the deaths of servicemen afterwards), and also announced 2 Paras' intended assault on Goose Green/Darwin.
  11. Just to put in a big wooden spoon and stir the pot, but if we have to listen to the daily drivvel, propaganda and half-truths put out by HMG - why not listen to the drivvel, propaganda and half-truths put out by the Taleban? What's the difference?

    We are not 'at war' with the Taleban as a nation, HM Armed Forces are being used as pawns in HMG's game of politics. However much we may dislike what the Taleban stands for, they are fighting for their own country - whereas 16AA is fighting for Dear Tony's 'vision'.
  12. But at least they didn't have their man in Buenos Aires interviewing the Argentine commander and presenting his "competing narrative" as equally valid to the British one...
  13. Agreed the reporter may not be "impartial" but if I was on the ground covering 3 Para's ops I wouldn't be very neutral either. The more of this interview material and the like that is collected, the more potential INT to be gleaned by those who know..Money well spent?
  14. As a licence fee payer,I want a bigger say on how this BBC are run.It seems to think that they can do the hell they want with our cash and get away with it. Lord Grade this morning on radio five live stated, that he supported the large salary increases for the top management because we have to recruit the best in TV and radio.Now if this lot are the best then we are in for more of the same shi'te as usual from the BBC.Time to abandon the open cheque book that the BIASED BROACASTING CORPORATION has with licence fee payers and go it alone with the others.
  15. The Nazis were also 'fighting for their country'...

    Indeed. I suppose that standards have simply declined a great deal over the past quarter century.