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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Apr 13, 2016.

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  1. When is the first session of PMQ's in the new Parliament?
    It has the potential to be extremely uncomfortable for the PM and the Tory benches and I hope it heralds the end of the childish waving and general buffoonery. What is clear is they have absolutely nothing to gloat about, so a period of serious political debate (from both sides) would be very welcome, although I'm not holding my breath.
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  2. Has to be after a government is formed, to start with, and since the very first thing will be Corbyn ripping into May then her first reply should be "You couldn't even beat us when we made a mess of things like we did, what does that say about you?".

    Question rebuffed, get on with things like Brexit, but May has to get a harsh retort in quickly or that's the tone set for as long as she lasts.
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  3. He will now be firmly of the opinion that, together with the initials, he can walk on water.
  4. I for one wish he would try it out on the Thames tomorrow. :cool:
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  5. NSP

    NSP LE

    I'd like him to try it crossing a fjord, whilst wearing a divers belt.
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  6. Nick Robinson covering for Brillo this morning on Sunday Politics - bring back AN pronto! :x
  7. The BBC no longer reports the news. It makes (up) the news. No longer the impartial disseminator of world affairs the BBC over a quite long period of time has shifted to becoming a biased organisation run by increasingly left wing Directors. Under them hiring policies have given a perceptible shift to the outlook and output of the newsreaders and those who fashion news programs.

    It now has for it’s ‘stars’ top presenters who in their interviews have crafted scripts that will only allow answers from those they interview, that either casts them in a good or bad light. They bully, harass, ignore, and talk over any perceived opponent or opposing view, and make sure that their slant is firmly established.

    While they undoubtedly continue as an organisation to make world class programs for entertainment, with a funding that comes from the fees they charge, as an impartial reporter of the news they have failed and failed miserably. They are hugely powerful, and have been made so, but have now become uncontrollable and serve only their inbuilt and carefully cultivated views which are now forced down the public throat.

    Some it must be admitted lap up what they spew out with huge delight, the rest either reluctantly accept, or simply stop watching. Trying to be selective fails as the ‘crap' is carefully mixed in. We are now brainwashed into they see it...and their point of view.
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  8. I would add Sky News into that, and if they can produce biased News programmes without a licence fee, so can the BBC.

    They both failed to highlight the infiltration of Momentum & SWP into the protests over the tower block fire yet a low budget blog such as Guido can easily and promptly identify it.
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  9. The thing is, paying for Sky is voluntary, you don't really have the option with the bbc
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  10. NSP

    NSP LE

    I'd have said we can't fight the kind of terrorism that is based on a fatalist, corrupt, fanatical, fundamentalist, don't-fear-the-reaper mindset whilst we have hand-wringing, right-on, yoghurt-knitting, spineless, touchy-feely "we must light candles and talk to them" wet-blankets in the government, ACPO-level ranks and in lobbying positions, with a reserve army of snowflakes ready to stab buttons on their smartphones and light up social media with an outpouring of shouting-down whenever someone says something sensible, reasoned and measured but which doesn't suit their agenda (freedom of speech for all, after all!).

    Oh, and fools like Flabbottt and Nugee in Westminster, too.

    But that's just me.

    Edited to add: isn't the mindset of islamic extremism somewhat far-right wing anyway? A lot of the hardcore fundie thinking seems to be right out of the "Fascism* for Beginners" handbook...

    * Yes, yes - I know a lot of fascism, being national socialist, is actually left-wing but I'm speaking in the modern context whereby anyone taking even a vaguely fascist position is labelled far-right, even if most of their policies are actually socialist or even burgeoning on Marxism. Q.v. a lot of Marine Le Pen's manifesto, particularly her economic policies. Still labelled a fascist publicly by certain gobs-on-sticks.
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  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    David Davis just gave a very good interview on Marr. Relaxed and not giving in to the sound-bite type of interview that Marr likes, and then likes to come back to in later interviews even if out of context!

    Davis was very good about what his role is and gave a good impression that he is on top of his brief.

    Not a bad pre leadership interview :p

    There are certain posters in here should be pleased to hear that talks are going on, and have been for some time, over the various agreements that they seem to think are being ignored! @One_of_the_strange ;)
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  12. Business is currently planning to leave the UK over the lack of concrete action being taken, timescales being what they are. Talking means nothing. I know it's not your job that will disappear so you're not worried.
  13. "Talking means nothing ".
    Except, of course , that 'talking' is generally the preferred medium for negotiations.
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