BBC Conspiracy Road Trip: UFO - WTF???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fat_Cav, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. The second/third? in the series Conspiracy Road trip. This time UFO's

    Pure comedy gold. Not only are these idiots for real, one is a member of the Tin Foil hat club.

    I only managed to watch the first half as I has something else to do, but missed where they got arrested inside Area 51.

    Quality TV, if only to realise that you're sane and it's everyone else out there that needs sectioning.

    I hope it never comes out that some of these numpties are on a wind up, includiong Mr Tin-foil Hat, as I want to believe that the world is full of 'believers'

    BBC iPlayer - Conspiracy Road Trip: UFOs

    Mr Tin-Foil Hat is a survivalist who believes he was attacked in his own home by Aliens, and is now on a crusade to prepare for the forthcoming invasion. He lives in Swindon, so it must be the Polish he's confusing with Little Green Men.

    nutter1.JPG nutter.JPG

    16:00 mintues in for the Alcan man.
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  2. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    I saw about three minutes when they were on the bus. I was very amused by the rather plain bird in the pink halter neck and the big glasses. Her desperation was palpable.
    Love you are going to find neither celebrity or a footballer to marry on this programme.
    To take advantage of the mentally ill like this. Shameless!
  3. Given that it's in CA, these programmes are interesting because they highlight the same human phenomenon that causes a person to blow up a room full of people in the name of {insert random godmonster here}.
  4. Great screen shots ! - Could not believe it when the old tinfoil came out.

    I would urge everybody to watch the point when the Irish chap takes the team to meet the "ex-CIA pilot", fully expecting him to poo-poo their wacky conspiracy theories based on his scientific and forces background. It's classic !
  5. 200 billion people living on the moon which is an alien construction built in the core of Jupiter?

    Seems perfectly plausable to me. I must say the presenter comes across as a good bloke, he could have made one of the women look even dumber than she was by making her take that polygraph test but spared her at the last moment.

    The lad with the tinfoil came across as a piss taker who wanted a free holiday and to get on the telly. I don't for one minute think he rocks about in tinfoil and his survival pack was a suspiciously light looking box marked 'survival pack'

    I also like the bloke that said that cattle mutilations are time travellers from the future coming back to get steak that isn't available in the future.
  6. Some actually outrageous/hilarious ideas came out over the course of the program. So outrageous in fact that most people would be convinced that the theories are nothing other than unsubstantiated fantasies of people with a tenuous grip on reality. Many people may accept some of the less outrageous theories but these are shown for what they actually are when included in with 'the moon was built by aliens inside Jupiter' type theories.

    On the other hand, I have no doubt that there were some people, sat in darkened rooms, wearing various standards of tin foil hat, accepting every wild claim as 'proof' of their own fantasies, because 'it said so on TV'.
  7. ...and as holidays go, that was a very good one. But at what price to his future work life / social life / trips into town where his beanie hat is going to be checked for Alcan at every turn ?
  8. I'd like to explain my theories to the blonde.

    To include the remarkable anti abduction properties of my semen when taken vaginally, anally and orally.
  9. That thought went through my mind several times a minute when I saw her.

    I reckon she's vunerable and will nosh on anything as long as it's attached to a believer. She's single too.

    Sligtlty off topic, but I was very dissapointed when I opened this story. It wasn't what I was expecting

    Philippines sign landmark peace plan with the MILF - PHILIPPINES - FRANCE 24

  10. They should have beefed it up by deploying Derek Acorah. "Where are they from Sam ?" "Sams says Mars"
  11. Aha!

    From 1989 - 93, Barclay worked as a glamour model, with nude pictorials in Escort[8], Fiesta[9], Mayfair[10], Men Only[11], Men's World[12], Penthouse [13], Playboy [14], Razzle[15] and several other similar men's magazines, principally those published in Britain; she also appeared as a regular Sun Page Three girl.[16] Additionally, with other glamour models of the same era, she appeared in the film The Rainbow Thief, alongside Omar Sharif and Christopher Lee.[17]
  12. The presenter is the one having the last laugh, he gets to cruise around the USA at our expense making fun out of the mentally ill!
  13. She has a page on the vintage erotica forum. She looks better now to be honest.
  14. To be able to make up new stories about being abducted would be a career for some people. They are called 'authors'.

    The trouble is, this delusional bint makes them up in the expectation that they are believed as 'fact'. No matter how 'bangable' she is, I feel I have to point out the immense 'bunny boiler' potential of a woman that can make up shit she believes in her own head and expects everyone to accept as fact. You have been warned!
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