BBC classes Russian as an animal language

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Siberian child 'raised by dogs'

    Russian officials have taken a five-year-old Siberian girl into care, saying that she had apparently been "brought up" by cats and dogs.

    The girl, who is unable to speak, was discovered living in a squalid flat in the Siberian city of Chita.

    Police said she had never been allowed outside and had adopted the behaviour of the animals she lived with.

    They said she now "barked like a little dog" and jumped at the door when her carers left the room.

    Police are questioning the girl's mother, but her father has not yet been found.

    'Animal language'

    A police statement said the girl was unwashed, dressed in filthy clothes and had the "clear attributes of an animal".

    "For five years, the girl was 'brought up' by several dogs and cats and had never been outside," the statement said.

    The police said the girl had managed to master "animal language only", but seemed able to understand Russian.

    Earlier this year, President Dmitry Medvedev called for more action on child abuse.

    He said 750,000 children in Russia were living in "socially hazardous conditions".

    I have always liked Ruskies (in small numbers) but too many stories like this keep coming up, just what the fcuk is wrong with the Russians east of the Urals
  2. No it doesnt, it says that she had managed to master animal language (ie barking), but could understand Russian.
  3. Sergy will be along in a min to blame it all on the US and the rest of the west ;)
  4. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  5. Like, sit, lie down, & walkies.
  6. Surely that would be:

    Сидите, лежите вниз & прогулка
  7. Those are the only commands a woman needs to know anyway :wink:
  9. Well if Sergey's Obama thread keeps changing its title from misleading to equally misleading then I want one like that as well.
  10. OK, fair one:

    British Newspaper:

    Russian Newspaper:


    The Super Soar Away Sun

  11. The mother 25. She has also 2 other children. Says she did not know about whereabout of the girl 2.5 years. The father allegedly kidnapped her.

    The father 27. He says that the grandmother of his former wife asked him to get the girl. He lives with his parents and other relatives in big flat on Sovetskaya street (very attractive property). The familty keeps a lot of dogs and cats. Apparently the family is very poor and is unable to pay bills for water, electricity and so on. So they were cut off. By the way it is a violation of the law. If a child is living in a flat then water, electricity can not be cut off in any case.

    Poverty, alcoholism... But in fact the only source of information is the local police that is corrupted. So I propose another version founded on known facts and a common sense.

    The flat itself is very attractive property (hundreds thousands of $$). If the family could be driven out then it could be occupied and privatised (now it is a costless operation) by somebody (maybe a high ranked policeman).

    But... again. According to the Law the family can not be driven out of the flat if a child lives in it.

    Reportedly, unknown person rang to the local police station and said about the girl being abused. The police entered the flat (by the way unlawfully, without propper papers). The policemen forcibly get the girl despite protests of her Grandparents. Again it was a violation of the law because authorisation of special commision for child care is needed in such a case.

    Now the policemen try to cover up their 'operation'. I guess they invented this terrible story to void parent their rights and transfer the girl to childcare house. Thus from formal point of view the flat will not be inhabitated by any chid. So the family could be deported in a small, cheap flat in a remote part of the city.

    According to medics, the girl is healthy. Yes it uses to imitate dogs and cats but it is quite natural for children.


    After years of reading of Pravda newspaper I don't trust blindly any information and I'm able to read between strings.
  12. Your not kidding Sergey 8O

    Thanks for the enlightenment
  13. But Pravda means the Truth, must be reliable,

    just like the Sun. :D
  14. No, rather the Daily Telegraph is the closest analog of Pravda. I mean the same serious, solid style, reference to true facts then it is needed and silencing of unwanted events.
  15. Gosh Sergey, but you really have it in for the Daily Telegraph don't you? This isn't the first time you've come out against the paper. Either you don't know a great deal about it, or maybe you've taken issue with what you perceive as it's less than 'pro-Russian' (i.e. anti-Putin) line?

    As for this story, this isn't the first time this has happened in Russia or elsewhere. It's hardly indicative of any particular problem in a nation the size of Russia.