BBC Carry on Up The Tudors

On BBC 2, this evening - after 'Rome', now we get 'The Tudors', with a young Henry VIII shagging everything fit and female - :D

Great stuff and great sets with bags of intrigue from Milord Buckingham and Cardinal Wolsey and a hint of flagellation from Sir Thomas Moore - plus a particularly lively scene where Buckingham's daughter loses it... again! :clap:

At my age I need all the encouragement I can get! :roll:
And better still is that Year 7s are currently studying about the Tudors. I wonder how many 11-year-olds were watching it while mum and dad were out at the pub? :)
I didn't even realise it was about Henry the Eighth! It's shown in a very refreshing and I would suspect more realistic way than previous incarnations of this ilk.

And yes, it got me quite frisky...... :D

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