BBC Budget Cuts announced

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. BBC have announced 2000 job cuts and a 15% reduction in Sports budget which means they will be showing London Counties Rugby, The World Tiddly Winks championships. No mention of them cutting yaaawnenders and I bet the Journos will still be jetting off round the World for a 5 minute piece.

  2. The small print says that these job cuts will be by 2017, they aren't exactly rushing to shrink their over expansive, fat and lazy organisation, the license payer will continue to subsidise many thousands of non-jobs within the state broadcaster. Best thing the government could do is to change their funding arrangement, and ensure that they are no longer funded by an annual tax on televisions, whether you watch/listen to the state broadcaster or not.
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  3. Just read this on the DM website - from the derogatory comments, it looks like a lot of Beeb employees are posting today. Just for the record, the article says that the BBC employs 17,000, but I was under the impression that it was a lot more than that (i.e. around 30,000) anyone got any accurate figures?
  4. Correct, so no one will be shoved out the door at gunpoint with their P45, (printed on sustainable and ecologically responsible paper) in their hand. All they will do is shed jobs through natural waste over a 5 years period, that's just 400 a year from their huge workfarce.
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  5. My take on this is that the BBC are hoping and praying for a change in government in 2015 to their friends in a Labour Government with the likes of Miliband Bradshaw et al, and then they can cancel the redundancy notice programme!
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  6. Every other organization that takes The Public's shilling is required to make a 25% cut by 2015.

    Still the BBC manages to be upset by the interference. "Auntie knows best" don't you know.

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  7. I bet they don't cut the Labour Party Propaganda Department - BBC Radio 4!!

    I think the entire soviet inspired shambles should be consigned to history. The BBC is a disgrace! A disgrace from top (Mr. Patten) to the bottom - any number of queers.
  8. It was too much to ask that yawnenders (tm re-stilly) and strictly come poncing would be cut.

    Mnairb: As for the seemingly low Beeb staffing levels - many are employed by separate company programme makers whom the Beeb commission.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I think some people such as DJ's are self employed (I'm sure Sarah Kennedy used to bang on about it).
  10. Radio 4 funding has been ringfenced.

    "…He said the BBC would maintain its reputation by "protecting" key areas of output. Accordingly, Radio 4 and the CBeebies channel will escape any reduction in income, while the flagship channel BBC1 will lose only 3 per cent of its budget.…"

    Cuts will leave BBC2 screening mostly repeats - TV & Radio, Media - The Independent
  11. Might as well merge BBC2 with Dave.
  12. When they re-run Dad's Army as prime time entertainment on a Saturday night,something is going very badly wrong.
  13. Easy ways to cut money.

    1. Drop Eastenders
    2. Stop sending reporters to far flung destinations for no apparent reason i.e Yank Elections
    3. Drop the BBC news Channel
    4. News is 15 mins long at 6pm and 30 mins at 10pm
    5. Drop Strictly poncing
    6. Sort out the Management structure.
  14. The BBC laid off most of their TV production and post-production staff throughout the 1990's with whole departments like costume, scenery and design being axed. Labour was no friend of the BBC, although the process was originally put in motion by John Birt's so-called "Producers' Choice" policy in the late 1980’s. Most of lay-offs were funded by the selling off of property, places like Pebble Mill in Birmingham, premises in Manchester, various regional radio stations, as well as sizeable property in and around London. TV Centre is currently up for sale which should raise a few more quid.

    The majority of BBC TV output is produced by independent production companies and for the programmes it does still make it relies heavily on freelance ex-BBC technical staff.

    As for the 20% being less than other Government departments and organisations, that is offset by taking on financial responsibility for the World Service, diverting of some of the License fee elsewhere and a freeze on the License fee for the next few years.

    But no fear it won’t be too much long until Murdoch junior is fully dictating UK TV production and sports programming and how much it is going to cost the consumer.
  15. I know a number of BBC people, and you would be hard pushed to find a bigger bunch of sponging,expenses fiddling shite this side of Westminster, WTF did they need to take a £2million, flat pack, TV studio to South Africa for the World Cup, then build it on the roof of a Cape Town hospital, it did have a beautiful view of Table Mountain . But it was a couple of hundred kilometres from most of the football. The amount of waste in production of the various shows being filmed in my area beggars belief, and the muti million pound studio just built in Cardiff bay is probably going to be a waste of money, but the old HQ in Llandaff, as with the Television centre in Shepherds Bush will be worth many millions more when redeveloped.The BBC are without doubt spinning the shit out of this to cover the fact that they are, and have been, a **** up of biblical proportion
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