BBC Breaking News: Chinook Crashed in Afghan - All crew ok

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by steven04, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. No further details on bbc ATT
  2. Good news for the crew. My understanding is when Chinnie goes wrong, it goes very wrong. Well done to the pilot.

    On a more pragmatic note (and possibly guilty of internal prejudice), I hope whatever went wrong can't be attributed to the increased airframe hours so loudly trumpeted of late.
  3. Question is, if the cab's knackered have we got any spares to send?
  4. Word round the camp fire is engine fire.

    Sh1t happens I suppose.

    Well done to the pilot getting a big bird down without injuries.

    The blokes are legends.
  5. It will be the spares now :D
  6. I doubt it, they blew the fecking thing up.

    Linky Clicky


  8. There are some in storage at Odiham apparently
  9. "In the medium term, the UK's joint helicopter command is already planning the replacement of this airframe," it said.

    That's the level of professional competence that keeps our forces at the cutting edge...
  10. The aircraft was deliberately destroyed by a coalition airstrike to keep it out of enemy hands.

    Bloody hell, Terry has Chinook pilots???
  11. Most of our Chinook fleet went down with the Atlantic Conveyor and was never replaced. Well done the pilot here. Two engined helos are fcuking impossible to fly when one engine goes pear shaped.

  12. No they didn't and yes they were.
  13. Gordon Brown must be chuffed theres one less Chinook to pay for to maintain.
  14. Mk2 airframes just sat in storage!? It's a pretty stretched fleet so one less airframe is still going to hurt. If you're talking about one of the reverted Mk3s then they were supposed to be additional capacity, not replacements for blown up aircraft.

    I think someone needs to get his chequebook out...

    Incidentally AgustaWestland can now make the Chinook under contract, so anyone saying that Boeing don't have the capacity is conveniently ignoring that!

  15. I'm sure someone posted here recently that there are Mk2 airframes in the hanger.