Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. What was that man doing with his quite excellent capbadge worn over his left ear and his beret pulled down to resmble a feret breeder!

    Who allowed him on national TV looking like that.
  2. yip seen him bad dress- needs a rollicking -no doubt already handed out
  3. I assumed he was in the process of winning a bet to see what he could get away with in telly.

    The clip from Afghan he's running about wit hhis Ospray over a bright red t-shirt. He's in the guards I thought he'd be all tunic and bearskin while under contact.
  4. i think he should be commended for telling the presenter that civvys are more interested in X Factor ,than their country being at war.

    i was also pissed off that the female presenter asked him about his mate getting killed, i mean what sort of cunt does that to a man who was clearly still shaken by that?
  5. Quite! Let's all berate him for his dress after he's just fought in Afgan. Done any fighting yourself out there Outstanding?
  6. Seems to be the style these days... in the 70s we used to wear the badge dead centre of yer forehead with the beret going up like the apex of a house......

    only me then :(
  7. Quite agree with you there!! On both counts!!

  8. I havent, but quite agree with you!! :D
  9. civvys dont care about where how his beret is shaped, or where his badge is..

    It bugs me as it does you but...

    Too a civilian, here's a soldier on prime time tv being watched by millions telling his story to all who will listen

    So, as the Army wants to be in the public eye then great, mission partly accomplished

    the fact his berets alles uber, well that's up to his badge to address but fair play to the fella for not fluffing it up!!
  10. My history in Iraq or Afghanistan remains with me. The Gren Gds did a great job out there, but they are now back here and the situation here is different. I was merely commenting on his standards, which we should not excuse.
  11. That's because you're full of the proverbial. Half the time on here you can't remember whether you're enlisted filth or an officer.
  12. the other thing is yes that all cap badges and wether your RAF, NAVY, ARMY or whatever...

    the fact that all have done their bit, from the movements people at the airheads, the medics, the Loggie convoy runs, the guys on the streets, all that...

    everyone one of them went somewhere where their is no guarantee of being on that 'last train home'...

    so for that the nation should be thankful to those that have gone out to do the business, and be courteous enough to listen to those that have a story to tell - l may be biased but l would listen too any of these people, rather than some belating pop tart about 'the wrong song' etc etc...
  13. Yes, when did the OTC last get deployed?
  14. Outstanding. Always there worrying about the 'mince & triv' and trying to sound authoritive while trying to get people wound up.

    The lad's on TV talking about a difficult tour. As has been pointed out, if he is to be picked up for his dress, his badge will do it. Your tuppence worth isn't needed.

    Although I expect you are always perfectly dressed in your office, outside your door there are more important things to worry about than getting biro marks or ink in your pockets. Grow up.
  15. Does anyone have a link to this?