BBC Breakfast - 05 Nov 09 - Min (AF) due on

Nodoubt he'll evade every question put to him. He'll have some pis5poor excuse about equipment. What would make a refreshing change would be to have Bill Rammell on BBC News facing serving personnel, families whose loved ones have lost their lives and those (to make it fair) who may oppose our current position who will ask no holds barred questions.
Leads on:

• All matters regarding Regular and Reserve Armed Forces
• Operations including Iraq, Counter-Terrorism, UK Operations,
Northern Ireland and the Balkans
• Bilateral defence relations outside the NATO/Europe area
• Inquiries, Boards of Inquiry, Inquests
• Legal issues including detention
• Arms and Export Control
• Regional issues and the devolved Administrations
• Agencies: DASA and DVA
LAIT said:
And I didn't even know we had a 'Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills' - a white elephant shurely?
Techically there isnt, anymore.

In 2007 what was left of the department of trade and industry and department for education and skills mashed together to create the department of innovation, universities and skills. Then again this year it merged with the department for business, enterprise and regulatory reform to create the department of business, innovation and skills. Headed by everyones favourite sleaze ball, the Rt Hon the lord creepy mandleson.

.... a very large white and grey striped elephant.
I would rather see Rory Bremner talking about his father, remember his heroic real soldier father , Rammel is just another Labour lieing cnut
What time is he on? I just watched Patric Mercer being interviewed, about 30 mins ago, and he was talking coherent sense. Then again, he is ex forces.
Rammel never says anything worth listening to, another apologist for the Government who trots out the same lines as his worthless and pointless boss....

Another cnut in the Government who appears to be confused about why our troops are deployed in Afghanistan is Phil Woolas, not content with getting totally humiliated by the Gurkha issue, he now tells MP's that our troops are deployed in Afghanistan to prevent immigration into the UK and that if we were to end our deployment there the immigration problem would be so much bigger.......

It just seems that if our ministers dont know why we are deployed in Afghanistan how do they expect the British Public to know.

I know its the Daily Mail, but they arent usually wrong when they report on parliament.

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