BBC bombshell

Shock horror headline from news24:

"100 years on from the San Fransico earthquake and scientists warn it could happen again"

No sh*t sherlock. An earthquake zone tends to stay an earthquake zone (within human lifetimes anyway) (san fransico is built on and around 6 distinct fault lines, all of which are active, there has been relative stability, so the laws of recurrence intervals means something is going to happen sometime!!)

Any other news classics going about at the moment or anything anyone can remember?
1987 - "There are no hurricanes on the way"
San Fransisco had an earthquake?..

Is FEMA on the job?.. 1906 isn't too late, is it?
I have it on good authority from The Discovery Channel that dinosaurs are likely to remain extinct for some years to come! That simply can't be right. I can vividly recall a documentary film from 1993 with that Attenborough chap, who IIRC was filming Wildlife on One in a safari park that got torn to shreds by the blighters.
Hidden away on an obscure BBC web page recently was an inference that Christ's Priest on Earth (who sometimes goes under the name 'Pope') might be considering joining the Roman Catholic church .... if he hasn't already done so.

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