BBC Bollox strike again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I know it's cheap to snipe at the BBC for being a group of left-wing ignorant pinko tree-huggung scum (and that's me being polite) but this story really shows their lack of actual 'reporting' ability. It concerns the bloke charged with killing four of his family. The quotes are directly from the BBC news site - link at the end.

    "Killer kept pistol from Army days
    By Julie Cush
    BBC News, Newcastle

    David Bradley killed his family with a pistol he kept from the Army
    Former soldier David Bradley "assassinated" his family using a pistol he kept from his Army days.

    The 41-year-old's eight-year career serving his country in the Gulf, Northern Ireland and Bosnia, was described as "exemplary".

    Soldiers are allowed to keep some trophy items when they leave the Army, but are usually searched for weapons.

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) could not say whether Bradley was searched before he quit the Army in 1995
    . "

    Later on:

    "The former Royal Artillery private claimed he had swapped a packet of cigarettes with a Bosnian for the 7.65mm CZ pistol complete with silencer."

    The Bold is mine - I have seldom seen such complete twaddle in a news report, even on the Beeb. A terribly sad story, which is used to denigrate and abuse the Army - just what the BBC is good at.

    Now, anyone any good ideas as to how not to pay my licence-fee-poll-tax to these swine?
  2. It's a terrible shame that he felt he had to get one in Bosnia. He could have got one in the UK from a local drug dealer. Failing that, if you are a drug dealer, you can pop over the Belgium and get one pretty cheap.

    The point they are making is completely irrelevant (unless they are trying to say that all soldiers are a danger to civilians on their return from service). Only Bliar and the BBC are dangerous to civilians, and they haven't done any service.
  3. Just few days ago I read on BBC

    I asked BBC (via complain service)

    I suggest that Israeli or American officials haven't made such an absurd statement that anti-aircraft missiles can be used 'to attack' any country.
    If I'm wrong then may I ask for a direct quote?

    I received a e-mail from BBC:

    So OldSnowy, you can complain but likely would recieve something you have read.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It cant be true, there are no guns on the streets, we have seen to that, look in to the spinning disc!!!!!

  5. Nah, i think the BBC is innocent on this charge, although guilty of being lefty pinko gay tree-huggers.

    I think the BBC is reporting the court proceedings and the story originated with the defence barristers.

    There was a case some years ago of an MP & TA officer who had made multiple fraudulent appliactions for BT shares. A search turned up some ammo and a court case followed. It was claimed that it was normal procedure for members of the TA to take ammo home with them and I believe he got off on the possession charges.

    Has a verdict been delivered on this? The prosecution probably can't be arssed to argue the toss on where it came from when there's 4 counts of murder being considered.
  6. I agree the statement is politically charged and rather daft. However, I could introduce you to an aquaintance of mine who was part of the battery on Zrinska gora launching С-75 Двина missiles into the residential suburbs of Zagreb.

    Never say never, Sergei!
  7. Merkator, I doubt that S-75 Dvina missiles were used this way.

    S-75 Dvina is a very old anti-aicraft system. It was located in Belgrade and phisically can't be used against any targets in Croatia.

    There was S-75M regiment in Zagreb but it was namely S-75M 'Volhov' (not Dvina).

  8. Ehhhh new one on me I think they are more concerned checking your bed space/room for damages etc what uber pish from the Beeb :threaten:
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    He is being done for manslaughter, pleaded guilty and to get sentenced later.
  10. I take it you chose this bollox name for this reason:

    Alexander Fedorovich Poleschuk (Russian: Александр Фёдорович Полещук, born October 30, 1953) is a Russian cosmonaut.

    Born in Cheremkhovo, Irkutsk region, he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1977 with a mechanical engineering diploma. He then joined RSC Energia as a test engineer, where he was occupied with perfecting repair and assembly techniques performed during space flights. He has extensive experience in test work under simulated weightlessness conditions. In February 1989 he was selected as a test cosmonaut candidate (1989 Cosmonaut Candidates Class, Group 14, Civil Specialists). From September 1989 to January 1991 he underwent the complete course of general space training and was qualified as a test cosmonaut, and then till March 1992 he undertook advanced training for the Soyuz-TM transport vehicle and Mir station flight.

    In 1992 he was selected as the backup flight engineer of the Soyuz TM-15 joint Russian-French mission, and consequently nominated as the flight engineer of the prime crew of Soyuz TM-16. In space from January 24 to July 22, 1993, he participated in a 179-day space flight with Gennady Manakov. During the flight he performed two EVAs totaling 9 hours and 58 minutes. Also testing of the androgynous peripheral docking subassembly of the Kristall module was performed.

    October 1994 to March 1995 he trained as back-up flight engineer for the Soyuz TM-21 transport vehicle and Mir Station 18th primary expedition flights.

    Poleshchuk is married and has one daughter.
  11. To be fair the local (Newcastle) news reported the whole affair somehat differently. They pointed out that he had managed to smuggle a weapon back from the Balkans, that his defence had claimed PTSD and that he was a heavy user of both alcohol and cannabis.

    Very sad that when he went to the Police he saw the 'No Smoking' sign and finished his tab before going inside and giving hmself up.

    Clearly a very disturbed man, and the BBC had the wherewithall to say that he had been his way for many years, even before joining the army.
  12. Thank you Sergei for demonstrating that you don't know anywhere near as much about the Yugoslav civil war as you may think - and that the croatian 'expert' Ivan Bajlo is no wiser either!

    I'm perfectly aware that the 250. rbr PVO JNA/VJ had 4 divisions of С-75 Двина based around Belgrade from the mid-'60s up to mid '93 when they were withdrawn from VJ service (the 4 divisions had been re-equipped with С-125 Нева batteries withdrawn from Slovenia in '91). I'm also perfectly aware that 155. rp PVO JNA had 4 divisions of С-75М Волхов based around Zagreb until late-'91 when the JNA withdrew them out of Croatia.

    The period I am talking about is late '94 and early '95 when the 4. rd / 44. rbr PVO SVK based near Samarica occasionally launched С-75 Двина into the Zagreb area in response to naughtiness on the part of the HV. Commander's name was Maj. Ma*****ic who I'm not aquainted with.

    Also, at that time, the 155. rbr PVO VRS was operating 3 divisions of С-75М Волхов in and around Mount Kozara.

    I also have pictures of С-75 Двина missiles with the normal warhead removed and 250kg iron bombs lashed to the front to improve their destructive effect against ground targets!!!!

    And here's a picture of a П-15 Термит on a 'Двина' launcher - again used against ground targets ...

    [If you don't see the picture, go here:]

    As I said, Sergei, never say never!
  13. Heard this on the news earlier too and struck me at the time how bizarre it was to keep bringing his former profession into it - you don't hear them say "former mangement consultant" or "former dinnerlady" in other cases. Only relevance I can see is the link between serving and his PTSD. Since this was being used in mitigation in court, fair enough to mention it. However, I only heard the beeb refer to PTSD once, in comparison to the several times they mentioned that he'd served.
  14. My sentiments exactly - apparently being an ex soldier who murdered his family is more relevant than an ex butcher doing the same thing (for example) - one more case of the great unwashed thinking that as a squaddie you're trained to kill with your bare fists - and as this guy was in the RA it's even more irrelevant - unless he shot them from 17 km away.
    Besides which it would appear he stayed in until he was 26 and left as a Gunner - obviously a flyer!!!! :frustrated:
  15. I have no live rounds or empty cases in my posession sir, I do however have a big f**k off RPG, can I take it home and mount it on my wall? :frustrated:

    F**king BBC