BBC bigging up?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by compus_mentus, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. Whilst I know the princes are off limits, I was quite impressed by this article by the normally more liberal BBC.

  2. Sandhurst is in a different league?

    I'm not a matlot (or an officer) but I've been to Dartmouth and Sandhurst and I know what I'd be prouder of my boy doing.

    Edited to add - Not Sandhurst!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. So you've been to both, but you're not an officer - so you haven't done either course. What makes you qualified to comment on which is better? What were you doing at Dartmouth and Sandhurst that makes you qualified to draw that sort of conclusion?

    BTW learn to spell Matelot!
  5. Nonsense from Field Discipline!

    I liked the bit in the BBC report about 'best education money cannot but'.

    Isn't that exactly what many of the foreigners do?

    £170,000 I had heard.
  6. 'Ceptor, you've been told not to put personal pictures on this forum........
  7. I think the one on the right is FieldDiscipline - he isn't a Matelot, but his 'partner' is...
  8. Dartmouth is the superior training establishment, apparently.

    Hence they 'bond' better.

  9. CM. I wanted to use the one of you dressed up like Captain Pugwash but it was way too camp...
  10. James Bond? (he went there didn't he?)

    Or UniBond? (there is a joke about filling cracks to be made there)
  11. The one on the left is a workmate's ex-boyfriend and, unless I'm very much mistaken, that would be sunny Birmingham in the background.

    I'll tell him that his ex made it onto ARRSE, although he'll probably tell me he's been there before...
  12. The BBC got at least one thing wrong;

    As we all know, Cranwell is a Polytechnic. :wink:
  13. I liked the bit about "no special treatment for sheikhs or princes".

    Yeah, right. Because crying (literally) to get off an ex because you're constipated from being too fcuking scared to use a field latrine wouldn't normally get a UK student booted-out to the sound of laughter!

    As for the floppy I saw backtermed twice because he couldn't get his weight under 21 stone... They actually had to kick that one out in the end. It was that or just make RMAS's values a complete laughing stock.


    P.S. Not, I hasten to add, that I think HRHs got an special treatment of that sort!
  14. Is Lympstone not an Officer Academy for RM (in addition to, of course, training the bootnecks)?
  15. It is hard to imagine that this sentence was written by a graduate. The fact that 85% of the cadets there are already graduates is not the reason that The Royal Military Academy (the others are colleges) is not a university.

    RMAS used to be a three-year degree course way back when, just like Cranditz (not sure about Brittania) but someone baulked at the three year training period for YOs — possibly cost, possibly length flash-to-bang time — and so they were cut (at one point down to 18 weeks in the case of the crabs).