BBC bias?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CrashTestDummy, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. The BBC News website for the past few days has said the same thing;

    Israel pounds Gaza for xxth day

    Very little mention in the headlines of Palestinians bombarding Israel with missiles for the xxth day.

    Is this another example of bias within the BBC?
  2. No, unless you want your news delivered DMail style with a little moral homily embedded in it.

    Hamas sending rockets into Israel, not many killed, no chance of them escalating things to a ground invasion is not as important, news wise, as the possible size, or consequences of Israel's reaction to it.

    Israel, what it is doing now and what it does next is the story here.
  3. Somebody drag Tony Benn out of his nursing home. He savaged them last time:

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  4. Selected from my twitter feed...

    @mirabarhillel: The #BBC seems to be under orders to avoid anything controversial, like criticism of #Israel. Shameful cowardice. #Gaza

    #BBC anchors reporting live from Tel-Aviv and not #Gaza - perhaps, disproportionate force used by #Israel fears them. #SaveGaza #StopIsrael

    #BBC change your propaganda tack. #israel are killing children and targetting journalists. #gaza

    What the Beeb won't do, is feed you the "Go-Team!!!" view that seems to be de rigeur when discussing this issue.
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  5. Thou jokest, surely?

    The BBC are a Left Wing and anti Israeli riddled organisation of rocket munching fuckwits. Fail to report one story - fail. Try to make up for it by reporting a non story - fail.
    They are an incompetent bunch of left wing fannies.

    The story for the last 11 months is that Hamas and it's acolytes have been firing rockets into Israel. When Israel finally tire of it and do something to stop it, then the indignation comes. Where was the gobbing off when the poor downtrodden Palestinians were attemting to murder innocent Israelis civilians?

    THAT, my amigo, is the story.
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  6. Is the BBC biased? Is the Pope a catholic?
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  7. The BBC used, with checking, a clip from Reuters that appeared to show a dead Arab. As if my magic, a little later the guy was clearly seen walking around as if nothing had happened. This can be seen as BBC bias.

    Hundreds of rockets are fired into Gaza, causing disruption to hundreds of thousands. I can understand Israel getting pissed off with them and mobilising their Reservists ( it DOES sound better than "Territorials", doesn't it?) but then again, they should stop building on the West Bank.
  8. As they're taking considerable flak from left wing fannies who support the rocket slingers then it's patently not the story.

    The "story" is that there's more than one story. Insofar as there is no good guy and no bad guy, no victim and no perpetrator, there is no sole guilty party in the Israel/Palestine conflict. And if you expect to be told there is, then you're going to be disappointed with the BBC coverage.

    I suggest Fox Europe for those who follow Israel United & Al Jaz for the Supporters of Gaza City who wish to hear only their respective "truths"
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  9. Funny, that. When I watched the BBC news yesterday they were talking about the "500 rockets, missiles and mortars" that had been fired from the Palestinian side. They even balanced the report of a family house on the Palestinian side being destroyed with a report on a family on the Israeli side also being destroyed. Maybe some people see what they want to see?
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  10. When the BBC release the Balen Report, which they commissioned in to allegations of anti-Israel bias which seems no to paint the Beeb in a good light on this subject I will reconsider my opinion.

    Costs of license payers money so far to keep it secret, 1/3 Million pounds.
  11. You miss the point. The BBC is SUPPOSED to be a paragon of impartiality. If I wanted a slanted opinion, I'd watch Fox or Press TV (if it was still permitted). The BBC are better than that and they are funded to be impartial. They're as bent as Tatchell.
  12. No that is not a story. It is at best an opinion, and at worst a one-eyed rant.
  13. Sky News are being a bit more balanced showing the incomeing from Gaza and steel dome firing in response.
    The press have been reluctant to report the allmost weekly event over the last year of rockets getting lobbed into southern Isreal.
    I read a quote explaining that up to 30% of children/young people are receiving Physiological help to deal with the effects of constant Rocket Strikes.

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  14. Oh yeah we have had some great Examples of BBC impartiality over the last few weeks!!!!
  15. Maybe you should read it again and concentrate a little harder this time. I have no cross (or six pointed star) to bear for Israel. They have, however, been subjected to provocation from the Palestinian Islamists that are actually cuplable to a certain extent for what's happening now. They have poked the Israelis and no one was bothered because they're the bad guys, right? When the nasty boys retaliate, then the BBC steps up and reports the issues.
    Of course my post was my opinion. The STORY is the failure of anyone to report the rocket fire into Israel, a country legally established under the auspices of the UN by Palestinian Islamist militias. If the rockets hadn't been fired, Israel wouldn't have retaliated. There's the solution. DON'T FIRE ROCKETS.
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