BBC bias in question (which way do they lean?)


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Don't expect a reply anytime soon. They're very busy dontch'a know.
The one and only time previously, I made a complaint to them, about that twat Fordyce sneering about English supporters at Twickenham, I eventually, having told them I would be referring it to the Ombudsman as their method of "dealing" with it was to send me differently worded emails saying exactly the same thing, none of which actually addressed the complaint I'd made. All of which they'd been too busy to deal with within their own timescale, of course, was a mealy mouthed sort of apology which inferred I'd been right but not really important enough to justify them doing anything.


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I had the same over a complaint I put in about the reporting of the death of actor Derek Fowlds on Radio 4 a couple of months ago. (You can see the post I did about it here :

Basically a series of holding pattern emails then a final reply saying they didn't have the time to address the complaint but it had been given to the relevent people concerned to discuss at their headshed meeting.

I even posted the complaint in to Feedback for that smarmy sh*te Roger Bolton to discuss but never even got an acknowledgement they'd received it.

Basically "F*ck Off peasant".
Don't expect a reply anytime soon. They're very busy dontch'a know.
I believe the latest wheeze is to send an email saying they don’t respond to emails..

Not in all cases though as I never did get even an acknowledgement when I complained about the blatantly untrue story of an NHS director of a very large NHS trust phoning BBC Directory Enquiries (a.k.a. BBC News) for the telephone numbers of Barbour and Burberry.

Neither did they respond to a ‘have your say’ on another story and nor to one of their own ‘how can we improve our News website?' surveys that they invited me to complete.
I got a reply to my complaint about the "NHS Director", which was the standard wishy-washy "did not meet editorial standards". I replied saying that answer was unacceptable and it was clear that either there was a total breakdown in their management in its failure to validate the identity or the claim and be impartial and honest, or it was a deliberate attempt to dis-credit the Government.

Their second response was "not replying any further" so I have now submitted to the Executive Complaints Unit with the proviso I will take it to OFCOM if my complaint is not properly addressed.

It's clear from the published results of previous complaints to the Executive Complaints Unit, the News and Current Affairs department persistently ignore the directives covering impartiality and accuracy and because of that, the continuing disregard of the directives becomes a disciplinary matter. I have asked why there have been no dismissals for gross misconduct.

Funny old thing, a certain Ms E Maitlis and a certain Ms V Derbyshire appear more than once in those complaints. I shan't hold my breath for an answer.
According to the FT’s data guru, John Burn-Murdoch...

If we can accept that the FT is the amongst the least biased of all media outlets then perhaps there is some credibility to Te Guido piece
I'm waiting for Tim Harford's always excellent 'More or Less' radio programme to tear the Newsnight report to shreds. What? It's on BBC Radio 4. Oh I think I might be waiting a while then
Do we need a "George Floyd Media making a bad situation worse thread"?

What possible purpose could the emphasis on headline in the story serve? It's an ongoing trial for which - if there is sufficient evidence - the perps will go down. If the "racial slur" is the obvious one, it's distasteful, but hardly the main cause for offence - which appears to be that a couple of rednecks (oops, sorry another racial slur - oh wait, no its not) shot a jogger of colour. I think calling him names while they shot him is probably incidental?

Anyone would think the Beeb were just looking for anything to prolong the story. It's almost as if the objective is not to report news, but to use it to attack their favourite (orange) bogeyman.


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not BBC bias but BBC WTAF...

OK Beeb: BBC voice assistant comes with accents

every technology company has a voice assistant... Alexa, Google, Siri, Bixby, Cortana... but the BBC decides it needs it own (Beeb) with a usp of

regional accents.

View attachment 479006

developing this is really good use of licence payer money. ‘Siri, play radio one' is nowhere near as exciting as say 'beeb, play radio one'.
It might be a roaring success like the BBC Micro... But I doubt it
... and on a light hearted note:

The BBC, on its news website very helpfully provides instructions for making face coverings out of a tee shirt. Nothing wrong with that you may think and indeed you'd be right. Before you get all creative though, look at the very last line of text...

... *Always ask the t-shirt owner’s permission


That has dashed my notion of just cutting a mask from the front and back of an unsuspecting tee shirt clad busty beauty as she takes a sunny day stroll in the park.

Probably won’t even get away with popping into Marks and Sparks and chopping up a few tee shirts when they reopen.
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You flatter yourself, some of us work for a living champ. I've just had a very busy 12 hour shift thanks.
Why are you so angry. Missus not putting out?
BBC micro? What's that?
Huh, kid’s today!

The BBC Micro, I’ll have you know, was a fine machine, and far superior to the other commercial offerings of the day (with the possible exception of the Apple II, which was way too expensive for your average home user).

It was amazing what you could squeeze out of 16k of ram and it gave us the awesome game ‘Elite’, which was easily the best computer game of its day.

Of course, that was when the BBC felt education was a key part of its job, instead of now where lowest common denominator vacuous shite is the order of the day.

Because ‘ratings’, or something.

Interesting factoid, the BBC was developed by Acorn Computers, who became ARM Holdings and became one of the biggest companies in the UK no one had ever heard of.

Their RISC architecture chips are in the majority of the worlds mobile phones.

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