BBC bias in question (which way do they lean?)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigeye, Jan 19, 2017.

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  1. Sweeping statements like that are in my experience bollocks, @Dredd .

    And yes I know that's a sweeping statement.
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  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The emasculation hasn't happened, folk just tell them to do one!
  3. Hollywood whitewashing: Is Ed Skrein's Hellboy exit a turning point? - Hollywood whitewashing: Is Ed Skrein's Hellboy exit a turning point? - BBC News

    No balance by the BBC here. They failed to mention the (insert skin colour)-washing of white characters in hollywood.

    Recently we have had a black man (idris elba) play a norse god. The rock (black-samoan) play Hercules. Plus a string of black actors playing white comic book characters (Samuel l Jackson, the big bloke from green mile). Going back to the 90s we had Freeman play a red haired Irishman in shawshank redemption.

    That's without listing the numerous BBC historical based dramas that insist on using non white actors.

    Classic BBC bias and hypocrisy

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  4. I am puzzled by the concept as displayed in Skrein et al. I thought the whole point was that actors play a part, as in: "It's not real". Maybe method acting is to blame.

  5. As far as Skrein is concerned, there's no balance to be had. He discovered the character was supposed to be mixed Asian heritage and pulled out from the role. The rock doesn't look too far from Greek, and the two Stephen King characters were written and King had approval over screenplay. The Norse God I'll give you if you can show me a contemporary description of said God.

    It's a storm in a teacup.

  6. So why can't the BBC just say that then?

    Look at the way the story is pitched and reported.

    As you yourself have just demonstrated, all it takes is a few seconds of googling to come up with enough data to suggest that there is in fact no overt policy of "whitewashing" across the (vast, varied and cosmopolitan) Hollywood film industry (in fact, much of that industry appears to be derided for being overly-PC).
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  7. Don't know what this acting malarkey is coming to. They'll have a gentleman of colour in the Tempest playing the Moor...
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Actors are like prostitutes, paid for their performance not their opinions!
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  9. I'll take a wild guess and suggest that Midsomer Murders is just what you'd enjoy...
  10. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Borrowed from the Tower Hamlets thread as an example:

    'My Muslim family and our foster kids' - BBC News

    The case at point gets a couple of lines at the beginning and is then dismissed with Tower Hamlets officials' assertions taken as fact. What follows is rank propaganda. No offence meant to the women featured, who I'm sure (from the story at least) does a good job. But the story/issue wasn't about her; it was/is about the suitability of a different ethnic couple to foster children of a different ethnicity or belief set and who seem woefully incapable of the task.

    SWMBO made a good observation during the run-up to the Brexit vote: the BBC's news department is so concerned with 'balance' - getting in everybody's opinion - that it fails in the fundamental task of telling people which way the wind is actually blowing.

    Although, of course, that might just be a way of steering people away from news which doesn't suit its political agenda. Much like the link above does. Never mind the reality, look at the Utopia.
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  11. To be fair, the BBC did report on the news that the child has been removed from the Muslim fosterers (is that a word? :) )

    Ruling over 'Muslim foster case' girl - BBC News
  12. There's no overt policy. But it happens. Ghost in the shell / La Johannsen being one that really sticks out. Matt Damon in the great wall, there's others. I'm not defending it, I'm not defending the beeb I'm simply saying that there was no middle ground to be hit on the Skrein story. He made it about whitewashing, overtly.
  13. They were actually quite critical without appearing to be criticising on Today this morning. Twas quite refreshing!
  14. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    And that's fair enough. There was though significant bias - in the sense of trying to influence - in the story that was posted yesterday.

    Again, all power to the women in the story if she's managing to do the job of fostering and be empathetic. However, look at a number of issues in recent weeks, such as the effective sacking of Sarah Champion (she was effectively sacked; her resignation was just window-dressing), and the continued over-polishing of stories associated with one ethnic group in particular - "They're not all bad, you know."

    Well, no they're not. I've got plenty of Muslim friends. My next-door neighbour's mother-in-law has/had two nephews who went off and got killed fighting in Syria. I trust his mother-in-law implicitly - she's a good woman. She too is left wondering why the two nephews went, and is scathing about the activities of certain mosques - to the extent that that she removed two other youngsters from a mosque which was teaching that music is haram.

    In this case, the foster case, within 24 hours the issue had resolved anyway - at least in the sense that the child has been moved. What happens next with Tower Hamlets's social services set-up is another matter.

    Nevertheless, the best line for the BBC should have been silence.
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  15. I disagree. The article closes with a section that describes other types of 'white washing, mentioning instances of a non trans actors playing trans role.

    Balance could have been brought by highlighting that there are numerous instances of non white actors playing white roles. Unless of course this is not an considered an issue if the 'victim' happens to be white and that the BBC are happy to promote double standards

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