BBC bias in question (which way do they lean?)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigeye, Jan 19, 2017.

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  1. This must fall foul of the law somewhere down the line (treason still carried the death penalty, then for example), and Inspector knacker should be paying these three a visit around 03:00 tomorrow with an 'invatation' to discuss their pro-terrorist views in an underground facility in an undisclosed location minus tea and biscuits.
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  2. Well is it me or have the BBC set the dogs loose on TM and the tories?
    Ever since TM didn't turn up for their debate that Laura whatshernane has been at every speech by TM and ripped into her,while good old Jerry and tiny Tim seem to be getting a easy ride.
    Nicky Cambell on radio 5 tore into the Welsh minister today all others there with him hardly a cross word for them.
    Mmm not biased,hardly!
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  3. Weird, he was ripping into Thornberry when I was listening...
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  4. Yeah, I got that as well. Really had a go at her.
    A couple of reporters on the BBC News channel have been reported for anti-Corbyn remarks as well although all I noticed was a tone of scepticism when Corbyn talked about dealing with terrorists.
    The media reform coalition produced a report that said;
    Its most striking findings relate to the BBC. The researchers' quantitative analysis of BBC News at Six shows that critics of Corbyn were given twice as much airtime as his supporters, and that the issues mobilised by his critics were given much greater prominence. The researchers also noted the pejorative language BBC reporters used to describe Jeremy Corbyn, his team and his supporters.

    Maybe people with a strong bias either way only notice it when it says something against the people they are biased for.
    If people from both sides are complaining maybe they are doing something right.
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  5. Ah well got to be me then!
  6. They are obviously baised, they haven’t asked the dusky hipotobus in for another interview in case she shoots herself in the last foot. I see she sickied out of Women’s Hour.

    Poor thing is developing a sort of frozen hippo in the headlights look

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    No he wouldn't because, with a chance of winning, he couldn't promise free unicorns to morons and the Tories wouldn't have dared to dabble with social provision for the elderly - the two means by which Corbyn has stayed 'viable' in this election.

    Also, Weird Ed couldn't mobilise the Momentum types, he would have been on the wrong side of the Brexit debate and the Tories wouldn't have been so complacent.
  8. Just to clear up the matter of left/right bias, could a the BBC simply undertake a secret ballot of its media team and publish the result.
    I suspect it would be difficult to ascertain the validity.
    I am not naive, but I suggest that after scrutiny by mangement, the published result would be 50:50
    We have all noticed the "balanced" audience on Question Time and the snide questions from the "independant" Chairman.nearly always directed at the right.
    Actually my suspicion of the media is such that I trust nothing. It is a sad situation.
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  9. She should be reported to the ugly police!

    On a serious note, I listened to Any questions on Friday night (from Runcorn) and it sounded like they had trawled the local Labour clubs for the audience.
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  10. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    It seems a bit odd that the BBC only ever refers to the Conservative party as "Tories". Perhaps there might be some bias there.
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  11. So do I it's just quicker to type.
  12. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Ah, laziness.
  13. Minor point amongst all the GE consequences, but I would like Laura Kuenssberg taken to task over last night / this mornings reporting. Never mind the obvious to me but maybe subjective glee with which she presented Labour successes, she came out with at least two pieces of Labour biased disinformation. According to her "sources" Labour would be taking Thurrock and Hastings. She also "spun" the demeanour of Amber Rudd into a pointer to her having lost. Just two occurrences. Is there any point in complaining to the BBC?
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  14. Probably not (based on experience).
    Corbynite's dislike her too.