BBC bias in question (which way do they lean?)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigeye, Jan 19, 2017.

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  1. I think your point is deliberately facetious. Monty was trusted by the CoC to win the N Africa campaign, and is pretty much credited with doing so, no-one thinks he did all, or even any, of the shooting personally. Nonetheless it was his leadership and force of character that was largely responsible for getting the job done.
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  2. Having watched all of the 'Debates' it would appear that whichever media outlet was 'sponsoring' the event made sure to reflect the days high and low subjects with its 'Audience' members purely for the entertainment value.
    There hasn't been anything too worrying for any party really May didn't faint, and Corbyn didn't explode but Farron did try to tell jokes..........
  3. His line about Theresa May sizing up your house to pay your care costs, was one of the better ones of this campaign.
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  4. Wish people would stop with the supporting terrorism foolishness, Adams was an MP in Belfast and never took up his seat in the commons when Corbyn had meetings with him, oh and the Tory Govt of the day was already talking to the IRA, he also had meetings with the Loyalist Parties and he disagreed and indeed voted to stop Ian Paisley from being ejected from Parliament.
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  5. Whilst he kinda avoided mentioning how he was sizing up all your income and assets to pay for his pixie-dust accounting....
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  6. He just shouldn't give up his day job....whatever that is
  7. Stop making things up, Jeremy
  8. Its true.....honest
  9. Only in the alternative universe that the Left live in.

    Makes you wonder if they all think they they are in Get A, erm, I mean Second Life with Paul Mason.
  10. Carefully negotiating a settlement through intermediaries with a view to stopping the violence is hardly the same as inviting them round for tea at Parliament just days after they had tried to murder the PM and cabinet or standing and commemorating the memories of dead terrorists.

    Corbyn, as well as Abbott and MacDonnell were implacably opposed to the peace process despite all their grandstanding and grandiose claims of trying to bring about peace. They wanted to see the democratically elected government of the United Kingdom defeated by the IRA - they did not care whether it was a Labour government or a Conservative government.
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  11. There was a live debate popped up on the BBC News channel today, but it was being screened on BBC Asia. Fair enough, as there is a large Asian population in this country, so why wouldn't they be actively engaged in the process too?
    What staggered me was one of speakers at the lecterns was none other than Leanne Wood, spouting her usual Plaid Cymru/Wales stuff in her annoying accent. I suspect her significance and influence within that particular demographic is minuscule.
    She really would turn up for the proverbial envelope opening that one.
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  12. And let's remember that it was a Labour government that put the British Army in there.

    (Hmm, Labour governments dragging us into unwinnable wars, and then their backbenchers disowning the whole thing... It's almost as if there's a pattern!)
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  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    When did he have talks with a Protestant organisations? Where are the photographs meeting Protestant gunmen?

    They seem to be somewhat shy on detail of meetings on both sides.

    Has he had talks with the Israeli government as well as Hamas? I don't think so.

    I think you are just blowing smoke to try and cover up the open support Corbyn gave to terrorists and their organisations.

    Corbyn voted to stop Paisley bring ejected as voting against the establishment was and is his raison d'etre. He probably did not even know what he was voting for at the time.
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  14. Quite agree.

    Corbyn has been doing a lot of revising history to suit his agenda and obscure his past. When he was inviting terrorists to tea at Westminster, any discussions behind the scenes were very covert. Neither the government not even his own Party were ever likely to have told him. He like the majority of us did not know there were behind the scenes discussions going on, now he claims he was contributing to something he knew nothing about. His purpose in meeting Adams and co was to subvert any such peace progress not support it - as evidenced by the condemnation of his actions by all parties including the Government, Unionists, his own party leadership and even The Guardian FFS!
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  15. And then he has the nerve to throw a tantrum when Abbot "goes rogue"....