BBC bias in question (which way do they lean?)

In fairness both Sky News and the BBC have presenters who mistakenly (yeah, my arse they do) say Jeremy Cu#t
In fairness both Sky News and the BBC have presenters who mistakenly (yeah, my arse they do) say Jeremy Cu#t
"I'm so sorry. I've never said that before in my life. It's usually men who say that."
Just a coincidence that she was talking about the Conservative leadership competition.

Completely unbiased...
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Have a swatch at this video from Karl Pilkington, a.k.a the Fact Fiend. It's all about tv detecting vans and how bullshit they are.

Quite some time back a Canadian receptionist at Air Hanson, Weybridge.
was asked to put out a tannoy call saying that "anyone wishing to see Mike Hunt please come to reception". Half way through the second Mike Hunt announcement she had a fit of the giggles then silence.
Think that goes back to something like Animal House, circa 1979 !
From the BBC: Brexit Party 'at high risk' of accepting illegal donations
The Electoral Commission have no case against The Brexit Party and no proof of illegal donations but the words Brexit and illegal make for a convenient headline...

"The way The Brexit Party collects money from supporters creates "a high risk of it accepting impermissible donations", the Electoral Commission has said. During the European elections, the party was accused of getting around declaration rules by accepting multiple sums online below the £500 limit. The watchdog said it had made the party aware of its "legal responsibilities".
The party said it had not infringed any rules, but would "embrace" the recommendations on checking donors.
Under UK law, donations of £500 or above must be made by a "permissible donor" - someone who is listed on the electoral register or a company registered in the UK."

"The Electoral Commission said it was "legitimate" for any political party to adopt a fundraising strategy focused on raising small sums through online payment systems, including PayPal.
But it said there was a legal duty on parties to check every payment they obtained online to ascertain the source of the donation and "not to accept any that they are not entitled to".
Parties should request "as much information as possible" to ensure all money was from a permissible source, it said."

"During the campaign, the party insisted all of its donations were above board and it had made clear on its website that people should not attempt to give money unless they were on the electoral roll or eligible to vote."
"Both the Labour and Conservative parties also have the option to donate via PayPal on their websites."

Brexit Party 'at risk' of illegal donations

Meanwhile, can we expect investigations in to the involvement of convicted criminals in the Labour campaign in Peterborough?
was that Laura Kuenssberg gently being rebuked by Boris on the news.... or gently , politely being mocked

which ever it was , she didn't look happy when she sat down again


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Indeed: he referred to her original long-winded opening gambit as ' . . . a minestrone of a question . . . '

BBC's Laura Kuenssberg jeered by MPs as Boris Johnson slaps down her question

Edit: deepest Appa Loggies for the link-it's the Express
"A minestrone of an observation with a crouton of a question!" Great put down for LK who thinks she is so superior to those she is questioning. She did not look too chuffed and remained so when asked by JoCo on Daily Politics about it! Once LK realised she was glowering she put on a fixed smile.
BoJo 1​
LK 0​
She did the same with Trump, drones on with a massive "look at me" monologue followed by a moronic question......
Her standard technique. 'Teacher, teacher, Look at me. I am a clever girl. '

Really good to see someone say 'no you're not', particularly on the same day that a lefty 'comedian' gets a dose of what the rest of us have been suffering for what seems like a lifetime.

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