BBC bias & Harry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. .......Interestingly whilst the rest of the World's media was going into overdrive over the Harry story. Regrettable we know, because some Abo from Aussie opened his xxxxxxx trap; guess what our British Broadcasting Corporation Overseas had to say? In effect Naf All. Whilst CNN and others did the biz praising Harry, including an hour long prog., OK over the top I agree but it was all positive and showing Harry and The Royal family as fulfilling their military duties over many years. (That's why they, the RF, turn up at the Cenotaph in military dress) (Politicians turn up in Duffle coats etc.)

    Long winded angst but true, BBC world last night reported, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Russia and some pop star for good measure. Heaven forfend that they might have had something good to say about the Royal Family.

    Must say I didn't see this reticence when last week the phoney pharoah was having a dig at HRH Prince Philip.

    Rant almost over........isn't there something in the BBC's Charter that says something about bias?????????
  2. I was watching BBC News 24 yesterday evening and they put a lot of focus on the Harry story.
  3. Is that UK news or the stuff I get overseas?
  4. Apart from the extended 10 o'clock news showing all the footage they'd filmed over there you mean? I thiought it was very balanced, it's not as though it was the only thing that happened in the world yesterday, it was the lead story and unremittingly positive. I found nothing to complain about.
  5. I suspect BBC News 24 is different from BBC World (I haven't checked).
  6. Actually they praised harry and all British soldiers and if you look at the teletext it also mentions this ARRSE website and the comments users have made etc

  7. Maybe in your solar system, Chubb but the Beeb on ours hasn't done too many favours.
  8. the BBC is doing the right thing in the UK......perhaps BBC World is a different organisation??? Silly me!
  9. Got to say shagnasty im "outraged" by your bias against the BBC :x
  10. Those aren't just freckles on Nicholas Witchell's nose. The BBC isn't anti-royal. It's just pretty poor at judging news items. Why? - because it has got into the habit of polling its audience to learn what they want to seen on the news.

    The Harry story cuts two ways:

    Young soldier goes to Afghanistan, or
    3rd in line to throne defies critics and Taliban and in the highest royal traditions leads from the front at The Front and socks it to the ragheads with a 50 cal.

    The BBC is incapable of deciding what we would rather see - so hesitates. As I say, the BBC is just crap. ITN (less C4) is far worse.
  11. With you there mate......pity that their output......seen around the world is crap.

    Princesses dead for 10 years make news ....whilst live princes don't........Got it!!
  12. Aha! You've broken the code!
  13. I think I preffered the SKY NEWS coverage the best. BBC had question time which basically had people slating harry but more the war in general.