BBC Bias - a case study

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, May 3, 2005.

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  2. I listed to 'Today' this afternoon as I was driving down the M1. Two articles of note. Firstly there was a report from a prosthetic limb unit in Baghdad from Caroline Hawley which apparently recieved 10-15 new patients every day. However, the only people the Beeb found to interview, despite all the insurgent bombings, were two people who were wounded in US airstrikes some two years ago. Strangely, the Beeb couldn't find anyone who'd been wounded in an insurgent bomb attack to speak to them (even so, one of the interviewees went off script and said he was glad Saddam was gone). Secondly, they interviewed THAT Italian journo, without once mentioning that she worked for an avowedly anti-US, communist newspaper, an issue I would have thought went to her credibility. Nor did they ask her how it was the insurgents freed her, a fairly important question I would have thought. Still,used to it by now...
  3. You've only just noticed that the beeb is bisased?

    Us Airgunners have been complaing about the lynching we've been getting from the BBC for years.

    That Said it's still better quality news than ITN, C5 or Sky.. (Granted, thats not difficult)
  4. ok tony took us to war but any othergovernment would have done exactly the same - our country would never side politically against the US of A.
  5. And the common thread amongst them all :?:

    They all spoke absolute crap of the highest order!!! :D :D
  6. Just confirmed what we all suspected.

    There was a guy on radioscotland this morning that said exactly the same thing. He quoted a number of fairly important issues that ITN saw fit to cover and yet the bbc chose to ignore. Obviously the presenter was a bit thrownback from this, but did say that it wasnt his place to defend the bbc.
  7. Don't believe it, Prescott doesn't know 286 words.
  8. I dont think the BBC is that bad. After all the Cons are the opposition and the figures given to support the fact that Cons get less time than Lab on the air reflects the fact that they are in Opposition along with a whole load of opposition parties (lib Dems, Nationalists etc) who are also given time.

    Lets not forget only 2 people seem to have lost their jobs over going to war with Iraq- Birt the Governor of the BBC and Andrew Gilliagn a BBC correspondent, both from an organisation which has minutely sought to attack Labour over the war's stance.

    The Tories always moaned about BBC bias when in power, and now what.. so do the Labour party. It aint new.