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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Herrumph, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. I just heard a trailer for a Radio 4 play about Bloody Sunday. It claims to be based on transcripts of the Saville inquiry - so premumes to be a true record despite the enquiry not yet having made its report. The trailer goes along the lines of (and I'm sorry it is not word for word, but you will get the gist)

    Mature Irish lady "the British Army shot 13 innocent people - it is clearly acceptable to just open fire on 30,000 peaceful protesters under British rule"

    Pompous British man (prob Army offr) " I really haven't any idea why we did such an outrageous thing,, e- err no excuses really"

    Typical BBC coverage!

    Let me paraphrase the opinion that my father took to the grave with him - " I had been shot at in Aden, Borneo and Suez. I therefore know I was shot at in Londonderry that day and I returned fire as I was trained to. I am sorry people died, but have no regrets for my actions or those under my commmand"

    I cannot get the broadcast on R4 tonight. Interested to hear views of those that can listen
  2. I think a lot of these people are in for a rude shock when Saville does report. It was clear from the evidence heard at the tribunal that the actual protest was some distance away before the Paras went in. Many civilian witnesses came forward and confirmed the presence of gunmen firing on troops and of nail bombs being thrown.

    I had a conversation a couple of years ago (near the end of the public evidence gathering phase) with someone who worked at the enquiry. I asked him based on what he had heard what did he think the final findings would be. He believed that the enquiry would confirm that both PIRA and OIRA had gunmen there on the day and opened fire first, that PIRA were giving nail and blast bombs to teenagers to throw, that not everyone killed on the day was armed or a nail/blast bomber and most surprisingly that PIRA may have had one or more of it's members killed that they have never admitted to and who were buried in secret (I had always believed that was a myth).

    PSF/PIRA and the families must be expecting something similar as their statements at the end of the evidence gathering phase have laid the ground work for them to be able to rubbish the enquirys findings and call it another whitewash.
  3. The great problem we all now face is that truth is no longer what anyone is looking for. The UK liberal establishment - with. New Labour and BBC in the lead - along with the Irish nationalist lobby - keep repeating lies which have now passed into the accepted version of events.
    Meanwhile we all watch movies like In the Name of the Father which show how unfair the beastly Brits were to those innocent heroes such as the Guildford 4 & Birmingham 6. If they are innocent, then who is guilty? Same goes for Omagh, the murdered Corporals and a host of other atrocities. Nobody will ever be called to account for these crimes. Will the BBC ever raise these issues? I think we all know the answer to that question.
  4. Herrumph - it's on tomorrow night at 2100 hrs, the first of a two-parter (final bit next Friday). It's the work of the "brilliant" director of the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn, one Nicolas Kent (the location of this theatre probably tells you all you need to know about it, and him). The play's said to have a "carefully chosen" cast, though we're not told what they were chosen for (their rabid anti-Army paranoia, perhaps?). Anyway, I plead guilty to reaching certain conclusions before hearing the evidence, because it all sounds like depressingly familiar fare from the British Betrayal Corporation. I dream of the day when we can put some of these t*sser traitors against the wall.
  5. On BBC FOUR on late night this week was a film about a play "Black Watch", that was very good, very good indeed.

    Based on when the Black Watch went back to Iraq and were deployed to Dogwood, to show the Yanks how it was done, sadly they lost three lads.

    The play was on the Edinburgh Fringe last year and has now toured Scotland to much acclaim from all who have seen it in full.

    In this film they had members of the 42nd to both discuss and prepare, they had their drill staff to teach the ACTORS!

    Perhaps if you go on BBC i Player, you will be able to see it now?
  6. Democritus - I couldn't have put it better mate... It will never happen but we can live it hope Eh!
  7. Thanks, WilieC - you can be i/c the Senior Firing Squad when I come to power. Well, you never know ... :twisted:
  8. I was there on the day. I led the immediate inquiry team that started when PARA dispersed. I have given evidence at Saville.
    The truth can never be determined. There was considerable confusion. Much evidence was filtered through Republican/Loyalist attitudes. Some unconsciously and some deliberately. Each and every one who has any opinion has already engraved it on their brain in the period since the incident. That which is contained in Saville's report and supports their existing belief will be lauded and repeated. That which goes against what they think will be dismised as lies. Truly a Curates Egg.
    Even where the events of that day are fully explained, the public's attitude will still remain as was. "Never mind Londonderry. What about the 'murph when they shot the priest?" and all the other contested deaths will be recounted for ever. 30 years time we will still see them on the walls as we used to see 'Rem 1680' and references to Easter Sunday in Dublin.
  9. Digiguides blurb on the play

  10. In the Beebs link to the inquiry they were even handed on reproducing the evidence given by witnesses.

    For those who are interrested in what those witnesses had to say, here is the link. Go to the 200o/1/2/3 archives.
  11. Well, we'll see. If I'm wrong in pre-condemning the BBC then I'll be pleasantly surprised, but nothing in their past treatment of Republicanism and the Army in NI leads me to believe that it will be anything other than biased.

    ORC: A sombre and thought-provoking post, sir. I spent several years over there myself and largely share your rather pessimistic view. Mutual hostility (to put it mildly) is hard-wired into both sides, and, while any sane person will have welcomed the suspension of the killing, it's hard to see any real reconciliation for at least two generations, if ever. So sad.
  12. Don't get me wrong - if Radio 4s play carries on in the vein the trailer travels along then it is horrifically misinforming. I have set the DVD recorder to record Skys transmission of Radio 4 and if it proves to be so then I will be sending in a complaint.
  13. I'll bet Barry Took will be looking forward to that. :roll:
  14. If the Beeb gets enough complaints then it is duty bound to look into it. therefore complaining is better than just whinging on ARRSE Flashy.

  15. and going mob handed with pitchforks is better than complaining.