BBC at it *again*

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vegetius, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. I don't believe the BBC. Well, I should be used to their blatant bias and mendacious political correctness by now, but it never fails to get under my skin.

    Check out this story. What do you see?

    In Cairo, a man wearing an explosive device detonates it, killing a policeman and wounding civilian tourists. Later, two women open fire on a tourist bus and are shot by local police.

    I looked up a certain word in an online Dictionary. A Terrorist is:

    Therefore I think it's pretty obvious that these people are terrorists, right?

    Not according to the Beeb. What do the BBC describe these people as? Militants.

    Yes, they daren't use the "T" word for fear of being seen as pejorative. I'm sorry, but apart from being innacurate, calling them militants gives them legitimacy they frankly don't deserve. You can be militant about all sorts of things and not blow yourself up of a Saturday lunchtime in a busy tourist area.

    It's this sort of constant, drip-drip-drip left-wing bias that is endemic in the BBC and they just refuse to even acknowledge it.

  2. The BBC are now political stooges of the New Labliar government.

    it annoys me that this bunch of charlatans have politicised everything to coerce/lie/cheat us into voting them in power again :evil:
  3. Thats odd the last time I was there the Egyptians called them terrorists :?
  4. Has any group claimed responsibility for the attacks?
  5. Dear Vegetius!

    It's a well-known position of BBC to avoid usage of word terrorism (with only one exception - NI). Even during Beslan BBC never used word terrorist even in refrences to another news-sources.

    First of all ALL Russian news agencies used word 'terrorists', so BBC made a factual mistake here. It is a real bias.
  6. Kill them.......KILL THEM ALL!